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Top 5 Questions to Ask During the Interview

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when they are in a job interview is that they think they only have to answer questions.  While answering correctly and succinctly any questions that your prospective employer asks; it is also imperative that the interviewee (that would be you) ask some questions also.  The fact is, an interview is a back and forth affair not just a one way street. 

Asking intelligent questions will not only make you look intelligent but also show the interviewer that you have done your homework and that you actually care about the job. 

In short, asking questions during your interview is imperative. With that in mind here are 5 questions that you should definitely ask any time you’re in the interview hot seat.

Question 1 – What do you look for in an excellent employee?

This will get you the info you need to know whether or not you’ve got the skills to keep your new boss smiling.  If you don’t have these skills or traits you will then know what you need to work on if you get the job. Important info to be sure.

Question 2 – What can I do to be a strong candidate for the position?

This question shows that you’re ready, willing and able to do what it takes to get the job and make it your own.  It will also impress your prospective new boss who hopefully will mention a few that describe you.

Question 3 – Do you see me as a candidate for the position?

Asking this question will give you (in most cases) an idea of what the interviewer thinks of you and your skills.  It will also give you the info for your next interview should you not get this job.

Question 4 – What are the company’s plans for the future.

Asking this question will show that you care (you should) and that you have done some research on the job you’re applying for. It can also show you if the company you’re interviewing for has what you want from an employer.

Question 5 – Where do we go from here?

The most important question of the 5.  This will tell you when to call, email or otherwise get in touch with the company next (hopefully to find out if you got the job).  If you’re lucky the answer may be that you GOT the job and the next step is to get started on the hiring paperwork.

There you have them.  5 questions that you should ask every time you’re in the interview chair and want to make a great impression.  Study them, practice them (and practice some responses too) and the next time you’re up for a new job you’ll be in a great position to get that new position. Good luck!

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