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6 Things You Can Do To Ramp up Your Job Search

Are you getting tired of your everyday routine? Do you despise Monday mornings where you need to endure another week of the same work load and the same job you are not enjoying? Then you might as well start to assess your life and your work.

I know there are times when you will feel a little down and fed up with your job. You feel trap and forced to do a job you don’t want to. If you are asking the questions above then you are greatly in need of a new perspective and a way to light up your life.

With so many people joining the work force every year, the cases for unemployment and job mismatch are increasing. Now, if you are already stuck with a job that you don’t want then here are six things you can do to get a clear view and achieve your ideal career.

1. Take Time to Think

This is the first step – take time to think. Taking a day off at work would help you think clearly and assess your situation more deeply. When you are doing a mental check, it is recommended that you take a day off, not the usual weekend vacation you have, but a ‘real’ day off. You want to get out of your routine? Then stop that routine and have an unusual day off in a regular week. In this way, your mindset would be changed and will give you more time to think.

2. Assess your Current Situation

Now, in your day off, make a list of the pros and cons of your current job – the things that make you want to quit your job and the reasons why you can’t quit your current job just yet. Write it all down, it doesn’t necessarily be in bullet or categorized, just write it all down, all the things – your boss, your co-workers, your work environment, your task or your current clients, everything.

3. Ask for Advice

Sharing these things with a friend or someone that is close to you will lessen the burden and will give you a breather. Do not keep this issue only to yourself, which would be suffocating. Talking to other people and getting advice will help you in determining what’s the problem and will make you realize what is missing and what have you been missing. You will be surprise of the many things that will help you to achieve what you wanted in a career.

4. Goal Setting

Now that you know what you really want, it is time to get those words in action. Write your goals and give a deadline for each goal. In this way, you will be reminded constantly of what you really want for a career and will keep you from getting buried deeper with the job you don’t like. It is better to share these goals with other people as well that will remind you constantly.

5. Make some Little Change

In getting your preferred job, make some little change everyday. Remember, if you keep on doing the same thing over again, then you’ll get the same results as well. Make some little change on something like the way your dress, the way you commute, the things you eat or the way you work – any change. This will prepare you with the career you’ve always wanted.

6. Seize it

You’ve made the list, you’ve assessed yourself, you’ve asked for advices and made some little change with your life then it is time to seize that job you’ve always wanted. It is time to take control of your life. The right career will come to you – the one you’ve always wanted and loved.

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