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4 Job Skills For 2013

There are a number of essential job skills that you can bring to a job in just about any potential field of employment. No matter the type of job that you have there are some indispensable skills which employers value above all else. By working on these essential skills as well as listing these skills on resumes and applications you can work to become a better employee or a much more desirable employee for a potential employer. These are the skills that new employers are looking for in 2013:

1. Improvements in productivity: if you can show a significant improvement in your productivity over the course of a year or even provide an example in a job interview of a way that you worked to increase your productivity in a past position, this shows that you have initiative and are always willing to improve your process. Productivity is what saves companies money and something like a 20% improvement in employee performance is bound to get noticed. Doing little things to chip in and help out with productivity is what gets you promoted fast and also makes you look like an extremely desirable employee for future employers.

2. How flexible you are: the nature of work has changed significantly over the past few years and as a result employees need to be much more adaptable and flexible than ever before. Because many companies expect employees to answer e-mails even in their off time, having the flexibility to come in and work extra hours as well as make yourself available in your off-hours is extremely important. Many companies will throw employees into projects which are outside of their comfort zone to see how they adapt. Having a well-rounded skill set that makes you flexible in a lot of situations is an extremely good quality to have from the perspective of a new employer. Make sure to state as many skills as you can for prospective employer as you never know when these might come in handy in a real world job situation with relation to your flexibility.

3. Communication skills: these have always been a staple of a good employee. Make sure that any of the information that you submit over the course of an application reads well and effectively communicates what you are trying to present to a potential employer. With good communication skills you will be able to keep everyone in your workplace in the loop and be able to express any needs that you may have from the company effectively. Communication skills are paramount when it comes to interviews and when it comes to the daily working day.

4. Creating a good image: in many cases, when you are applying for a new job, if you can create your own personal brand you will be in a much better standing against the competition. With the plain resume or LinkedIn profile you may not stand a fighting chance against someone who is taken the time to craft an image or brand that surrounds them. Branding yourself and creating a professional profile to market to prospective employers is important to having them remember you and getting the ever important callbacks for job opportunities.

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