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6 Tips For Finding a New Job During the Holidays

Being without a job as the holidays approach can be stressful. The desire to give your loved ones a special holiday season can be difficult when you don’t have any money come in. It is easy to get disheartened, discouraged and depressed. However, as the holidays draw near, there is good reason for hope. Many companies actually do hire people in the midst of the holiday bustle.

Instead of getting down, you can use the holidays as an opportunity to find a new job. Contrary to popular believe, the holiday rush is an ideal time to find a new job. Lots of companies are already looking ahead to the new year. In an effort to start the year off strong, many will hire people in December so they are already established for the new year. Some job seekers will stop looking as the holidays approach so there will be less competition. You can definitely use this to your advantage.

With that in mind, here are six tips to help you land a job this holiday season:

1.Network – The holidays are an ideal time to network. This year instead of dreading bumping into old friends and acquaintances, you’ll be able to use the awkward moment to network and reconnect. You’ll also be able to reach out to connections online through social networking websites. Making connections during the holidays is easy because reconnecting with people is all part of the tradition. Don’t worry, it will come naturally and people will be more open than usual due to the holiday spirit and cheer.

2.Volunteer – Volunteering with nonprofits during the holidays is a great way to foster new relationships. You never know what connections you’ll make. Who knows, you may meet someone who will be the connection you need to get your dream job. Plus, you’ll feel good that you’re helping others in need. You’ll instantly boost your self esteem and gain confidence in yourself – both qualities you’ll need at your next interview. 

3.Greeting Cards – Send out cards to the places where you’ve interviewed. A friendly holiday greeting will keep you fresh on the minds of hiring managers and also let them know you’re still interested. A small gift (i.e. a box of chocolates) with a note asking if they are hiring is also a nice way to approach companies. Most people will not do these things so you will stand out from the crowd.

4.Give Thanks – Thank people who have helped you look for a job. Sending out a thank you in the way of a holiday card is a nice way to thank those people who’ve helped you along the way. Friends, industry contacts and job recruiters will appreciate the gesture and it will also keep on their mind when a job comes along you might be interested in.

5.Be Social – Attending holiday parties might be the last thing you want to do when you’re jobless. However, holiday mixers can be a great place to mingle with industry contacts. Make it your goal to meet everyone in the room. You never know who may be at these social events and the one person you miss could be integral to your future employment.

6.Host Parties – Hosting a party or two is a nice way to spread the holiday cheer and network with people at the same time. Plus, when you’re with friends, you’ll have a safe environment to hone your job seeker’s pitch. It never hurts to have a party when you’re feeling a bit down on your luck. An added bonus could be a new job. You never know who might have a job lead for you.

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