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Book Review: 4-Hour Work Week

Most people in civilized society follow the same typical path of graduating college, finding a job, and keeping that job while working the usual nine-to-five shift until retirement in old age. This lifestyle causes stress in a lot of people and prevents many of those workers from fulfilling themselves in life. However, because to most it is the only way to make a living and contribute to society, many choose this past because they see no other. But one author has found the way to get out of that monotonous routine and has found a way to make the same amount of money working a four hour week as he would working a forty hour week. The book entitled “The 4-hour Work Week” details Timothy Ferriss’ strategy for escaping the same cyclic lifestyle that society molds and thriving in a care-free lifestyle in which you can make your own choices and make money at the same time.

Timothy Ferris is an entrepreneur, author, and a master of many skills. He has been featured in various magazines and media outlets, and has written several best selling books. He holds a Guinness World Record, runs a multi-national firm, and speaks six languages. He has written “The 4-Hour Work Week” to describe his secrets to success and to share his secrets with anyone who wishes to break away from the cycle of life laid before them. The book is over four hundred pages and provides a guide to a life of luxury without the stress of having a job that you don’t want to have. The book encourages readers to follow their dreams and to seek what will make them fulfilled in life, all without having to lose the means to financially support themselves. In essence, it teaches how to work only four hours a week and make as much money as people working ten times more.

The book details how the author when from earning $40,000 a year working eighty hours a week to making the same amount of money working only four hours a week. Ferris includes tips on how to “outsource your life to overseas virtual assistants for $5 per hour and do whatever you want,” “how blue chip escape artists travel the world without quitting their jobs,” and “how to eliminate 50% of your work in 48 hours using the principles of a forgotten Italian economist,” among many other things. The book has earned rave reviews and has appeared on several best sellers lists. Many have read the book and experienced a great change in their lives.

In a way, the book relies mainly on the appeal of what it promises, which is a fun life free of worries, and a way to make money. The author encourages morally ambiguous practices to achieve this goal. Ultimately, a lot of what is described in the book isn’t new or life changing information, but it does provide the boost that many people need to take the next step forward in life. The philosophy of the book focuses mainly on how to reap the most benefits while putting in the least work. Those who believe in this philosophy will benefit the most from this book.

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