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6 Things That Might Be Preventing You From Getting a Job

Although you may very well be a highly qualified candidate for the job in which you are applying, the job market is tough. There still could be a plethora of reasons for which you are not being hired for the multiple positions that you have applied for.

Hiring managers in today’s market are looking for certain skills, such as being keen in social media, global perspective, and computer skills. To avoid losing the chance of being considered for a job, review some of the traits that hiring managers do not want to see in a candidate below:

1. Lack of energy. You must show that you have enthusiasm about the company or position for which you are applying. If not, this will be visible to hiring managers during the interview. Showing enthusiasm, in turn, shows that you have the desire to achieve and are driven. This is a quality that hiring managers view as a trait of a hard worker. No one wants to hire a complaining employee with a sour attitude.  Remember that your enthusiasm will be visible as soon as you walk into an interview, so you should commit to being energetic and enthusiastic from the very beginning.

2. Inability to utilize your free time. Hiring managers look for a candidate who has additional interests and a personality outside of the work industry. They want to see you as a human being, and not a “bot”. Hiring managers love seeing someone who has hobbies or possibly has utilized their free time by acquiring a second job. This shows hiring managers that you are capable of managing your free time to expand your interests and skills; which is a quality that is likely to flow into your professional life as well.

3. Procrastinating. Managers look for a candidate that is punctual, and they avoid any traits that do not demonstrate the ability to follow through. Show hiring managers that you are an individual that makes quality use of your time. Give them examples of large projects that you have delivered on time. They will view this as an indication that you will employ the same dedication to their company as well.

4. Being unprepared. If you go to an interview without any knowledge of what the company is about, who they service, what their mission statement is, etc. this will show that you did not do your homework. Make sure that you do your research prior to the interview, and bring some questions with you to ask at the end of the interview. This shows hiring managers that you are already engaged in the company.

5. Job hopping. If you have held several positions in the last couple years, or show a tendency to leave a company prior to being with them for six months. This is a red flag to hiring managers that you could be difficult to work with or that you could be unsure of what you really want to do in your career path.  Do not lie on your resume, however. Simply explain as to why you have changed jobs so many times. Reassure them that although you have shown some job instability in the past, there are also several instances in which you have shown your dependability. Provide them with examples.

6. Lacking social media presence. In this day and age, more and more employers are checking their candidates’ social media sites. You may have noticed that some job applications have asked for your Facebook or Twitter information.  If you are lacking in this area, it could be viewed as you being incapable of paying attention to social trends or that you simply do not care about other’s perception of you. Be sure that you have some sort of social media presence online. You could start your own blog or professional Twitter account, and learn how to brand yourself.

There are a lot of diverse qualities in which hiring managers look for in their candidates. These can vary depending on the nature of the position for which you have applied. However, no hiring manager wants to see the traits listed above. Remove these negative attributes before your next job application or interview. This could make the difference between you remaining unemployed and finally landing that job you applied for. Good luck in your job search and future interviews!

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