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5 Tips to Make a Great Impression on Your First Day at Work

Congratulations!  You’ve just landed a new job and you’ll be starting very soon!  It’s an exciting time! (Especially if you sold yourself on a bunch of ‘skills’ that are actually still in development.) Now, lest you think that you’re sitting pretty, let us casually remind you that making a solid first impression with your new boss and coworkers on the first day is still an important task to accomplish.

With that firmly in mind we’d like to take a moment to give you 5 tips on your first day at the job. If you’re keen to start your new job on the right foot take a moment to read them and then take them to heart.

1) The Introduction.  OK, first things first.  Everyone is going to be asking you who you are and what you do.  Your best bet is to practice your introduction, like your elevator pitch, so that you can rattle it off at a moment’s notice. Remember that you have a job now and are, in effect, a different person and customize your spiel accordingly.

2) Take advantage of your status as the ‘new’ guy or gal and ask as many questions as possible. Remember that, after a few days and certainly a few weeks some of the questions that you have now will seem foolish or even ‘dumb’ so get them out of the way as fast as you can.  Heck, you can always blow over a dumb question asked by simply saying ‘sorry I’m new’ and shrugging your shoulders but keep in mind that this won’t last for long.

3) Speak up and speak clearly.  There’s no shame in being a little shy or taken aback when you first start a new job but, on the other hand, you can also take the opportunity to let people see your confident, passionate side as well. They don’t know you from Adam and so, if you like, you can recreate yourself in whatever image you wish. Communicating firmly and clearly is a great way to start.

4) Of course another part of communication is the listening part so, when appropriate, shut your pie-hole for just a sec and take in what people are saying without replying. You can certainly give intelligent responses to show that you are following the conversation but the fact is that people like to hear themselves talk and love a good listener.  As long as you don’t let them push you around with their words you’ll do good to just listen until you’re ready to really speak up.

5) Finally, if it’s possible, take notes.  This will not only help you later when it’s time to remember a key phrase, name, or whatever but will make the people talking to you feel more important because you’re noting down what they’re saying. Taking notes lets you feed their egos and make yourself some important ‘info snacks’ to munch on later when you have a moment to gather your thoughts.

And there you have them.  5 Tips that will make your first day(s) a little more pleasant and will leave a pleasant taste in the mouths of your new coworkers. Use them well grasshopper and good luck in your new position.

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