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5 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for 2013

With the holidays approaching, many people who are searching for a new job tend to put their plans on hold and simply wait until the new year. However, December is actually a great time to get everything ready so when January rolls around you will be fully prepared.

This means that you can have everything in order and as soon as the first business day in January arrives you’ll have what you need ready to go. Here are just a few ways you can augment what you need to do in order to land a job very quickly.

1. Know What you Want

This means that you need to know what you are looking for in your next job. After all, you are trying to land the best job for you, not just any job, especially one that you are not well suited. You should create a list that helps you define what you want from your job, your expectations and what you hope to accomplish.

2. Update Your Resume

After you know what you want it is time to update your resume so that it is crafted towards getting the type of employment that you seek. You can highlight areas of your resume that helps land you the type of job that you want.

By doing this after you have come to the conclusion as to what you want to do, you can now fine tune your resume so that it has the best chance to impress.

3. Make a Plan

Now that you know what you want, the next step is to plan out your actions. This means you need to take into account the following;

  • Which job sites you will search
  • Allocate your time spent searching
  • Set specific targets and goals
  • List people you want to network
  • Specific companies that you want to target for employment opportunities

If you can write down your plan, you will help execute it much better when you put your plan into action.

4. Use LinkedIn

There is little question the power of LinkedIn and its effect on getting people jobs. You should have your profile on LinkedIn and fully updated with connections to others that you know. This way, your potential employer can immediately do a search off of your profile. Use a really good photo of yourself and make sure that your profile reflects the best you have to offer.

5. Keep in Contact With Your References

We all too often let our references slide and when it comes time for a potential employer to contact them, the information may be out of date or worse, the person you are using as a reference may be caught off guard. During the holidays you should send a holiday card, email or posting on Facebook for example to remind those who have agreed to be your reference that you will be searching for a new job soon. In this manner, they will be expecting calls and provide you with updated information if needed.

A little preparation this month can save you from expending time, energy and effort next month that could instead be used in finding your next job.

7 Signs Your Job Search Strategy Needs Help

It’s not easy finding a job in today’s market.  More and more people are out of work every day which means that they are fighting with you for the job you want.  But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find a job in today’s market.  If you have been on the hunt for a job for a long time with no results you should take a look at these seven signs which will let you know if you need to make changes to your job search strategy.

1) You feel the whole world is against you.  Once you start thinking that every employer in town in out to get you, it’s time to take a look at what you’re doing.  It might seem like some employers played favorites to their nephews and gave them the job over you.  Even if it’s true it is nothing against you.  Don’t let it get you down and continue search.

2) You’ve been looking for a new job for a year.  Yes, it’s a tough market, but it shouldn’t take you a year to get a job. You need to seriously ask yourself why it is taking so long. Are you not motivated to look for a job? Are you hoping for someone to give you a job?   

3) You don’t get any interviews.  If you are applying to multiple jobs and haven’t gotten a single interview you have to review your resume and cover letter.  No matter how much you like it, you must go through both of them and make some changes.  There is a reason you aren’t getting calls.

4) You get a lot of first interviews, but nothing after that.  In this case you might have the perfect resume and cover letter, but you lack interviewing skills.  Maybe you have not prepared adequately for the interview or just need practice.

5) You’re not expanding your search.  This world is so great because the internet does all that we need.  But there are other sources out there.  If you’re only looking at the internet for jobs you are boxing yourself in.  Less than 25% of the jobs are advertise on the internet. The rest will come from networking, word of mouth and referrals.

6) You feel the need to do something huge to catch the interviewer’s attention.  If you are going into interviews with a cupcake for the interviewer it will come off as cheesy.  The same goes if you call them every ten minutes to find out if you got the job or not.  If you are doing things like this it might be time to take a week off and clear your mind.

7) When you ask your old co-workers for help none of them are willing to.  If you ask a buddy to get you an interview with his uncle, but he keeps telling you later, later it might be because your friend doesn’t trust your work ethic.  If all of your friends are giving you the cold shoulder, you need to find out why.

It’s not easy finding a job.  But it shouldn’t take a long time to get one.  If you are having problems you need to take a look at the list above and find out where you stand.  Don’t take it personal.  Make some changes.  Add some spark into your search and in no time you’ll be at work with the job search nothing but a distant past.

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