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How to Rise Above the Competition in Your 2013 Job Search

With the New Year just beginning many people are looking to make changes in their life, and for some of them finding or changing jobs is a big part of that.  Whether you are currently unemployed or you’re just looking for a new and exciting career, it is important to know how to set yourself apart in a job search.  With unemployment so high today employers often see dozens or even hundreds of resumes for each job opening.  If you want a chance at getting that job you need to know how to rise above the competition.

Improve Your Skills

While a decade ago employers would often consider people who don’t have every skill they would like for a job, today they are able to be much pickier.  Every skill you can learn and add to your resume will help distinguish you from the rest of the crowd.  Look into getting certifications in your field.  If you have an interest in other fields, branch out and get certifications or other skills.  You can often do this in your spare time or if you’re currently unemployed you can make this a priority.


Today more than ever it is critical to use your network of friends, colleagues, former co-workers and even previous employers to help you find that next job.  Asking your network of associates for a recommendation when looking for a new job can really give you a big advantage.  There are many times when a job is not even posted online because the company likes to hire based on the recommendations of their current employees.  Don’t be afraid to ask around for help, most people are very happy to assist whenever they are able.  


Try to come up with things that will help get your resume noticed. This can be a difficult balancing act between being creative and being unprofessional.  Using a cover letter and resume you have the opportunity to set yourself apart.  Make sure you do it in a creative and effective way.  A great idea is to create a blog where you showcase your work or previous projects.

Improve Your Interview Skills

If you manage to land an interview, make sure you are ready to impress them.  You can no longer expect to walk into an interview unprepared and get the job you desire.  Before arriving make sure you study up and learn as much as possible about the company and the position you’re interviewing for.  Asking intelligent questions and having engaging answers to theirs will help demonstrate that you’re the right person for the job.

Don’t Go Overboard

No matter what type of job you’re looking for, it is important to be able to stand out in a positive way.  Unlike in show business, not all attention is good attention when searching for a job.  Make sure you think about everything you do during your job search to make sure you are remaining professional and come across as someone you would want to hire.

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