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5 Tips to Deal With Difficult Colleagues

Spending hours working in close proximity with others can often lead to tension in the workplace. Whether working on a large-scale project or in a small group setting, people can often find themselves having trouble positively relating to their coworkers. If you are in need of assistance in dealing with problems in the workplace, here are a few tips to help you out:

1. Stay calm and let go of your anger. One of the worst things you can do when confronting someone in the office is to approach them with anger. While it is often difficult to get past your own emotions, keep in mind that they will only prevent you from solving the situation at hand. Instead, write your feelings down in a letter to yourself or in a journal entry. This will allow you to let out your anger completely without making the situation worse.

2. Inform your coworkers of the impact of their actions. If your coworker’s actions are decreasing productivity or causing you to miss an important deadline, let them know how they are affecting everyone professionally. When you put the impact of their actions in a better light, you may have an easier time getting your point across.

3. Make sure you stick to the point. When confronting a difficult coworker, always be sure to clearly address the points of your argument. This will help you to get your point across with less chance of creating any more hostility. To help organize your thoughts, write out a detailed list of your points before approaching your coworker.

4. Keep an open mind. Before addressing a situation with a coworker, make sure you look at it from both perspectives. Be open to any criticism that you may receive, and find out any ways that you could improve your own performance and/or relationships. Your open-mindedness could be a great opportunity for growth within the workplace.

5. Set goals to ensure progress. Once you have viewed a situation in its entirety, work out realistic goals with your coworkers to ensure that the situation improves. Be careful not to set your goals to high, or you may be unhappy in the long run. Setting small, measurable goals will help you to track progress overtime and will be beneficial for any interactions in the future.

Whatever your problems in the workplace may be, these tips will help you to deal with difficulties that arise with your coworkers. Building healthy relationships at work is essential in guaranteeing your success.  

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