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5 Tips for Your New Job

Let’s be honest, it’s not exactly an easy task to find a job these days. While the economy is on a steady, but slow rise, the job market is extremely competitive. Employers are very aware of that fact and because of it they know that they’re able to pick and choose their employees. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to become employee of the month every month, but you should at least be making a solid effort to stay ahead of the rest of your co-workers. Not only will this ensure that you keep your job, it may land you an early promotion.

1. Always be truthful

Dishonesty is one of the largest reasons why people are let go from their jobs. Employers want a worker who they can trust even when nobody of authority is around. Make sure that you don’t lie on your application as this can come back to bite you.

2. Don’t be late

This may seem obvious, but it is extremely vital to keep your employer happy. Only take a day off when it’s absolutely necessary, especially during your first few months of employment. Showing up to work twenty or thirty minutes early also shows that you’re eager to work and serious about your position.

3. Be independent

There’s nothing wrong with asking questions, in fact you should be asking questions to ensure that you’re performing your job correctly, but you should also be using your best judgment. If you find yourself calling for assistance every 20 minutes, it’s probable that you should use your common sense rather than asking for assistance.

4. Don’t waste company time

If there’s one thing that employers hate, it’s paying someone who isn’t working. Try to keep personal phone calls to a minimum. Also, think twice before you decide to leisurely use the internet, a lot of employers are starting to monitor internet activity and may discipline a worker for doing so.

5. Dress for the job

A first impression is a lasting impression! Make sure that you look your best in your interview and just because you got the job doesn’t mean that you can come to work in casual wear. Maintaining a professional appearance can go a long way in the workplace. Put together a nice pair of outfits for each day of your work week. This cuts down on the time it takes to get ready and keeps you looking good.

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