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5 Ways You Are Hurting Your Career Promotion

Just about everyone is looking to get a promotion today, whether it is strictly for the salary bump or you are interested in the additional responsibility, or there is an entirely different reason.  Unfortunately many people are making some serious mistakes in their day to day life at work which often prevents them from getting the bump they deserve. 

Take a moment to read through these five things that you may be doing which are killing your chance at a promotion, and take action to fix them today!

  • Improper or Inadequate Interaction with Others – If you’re arriving at work and sitting at your desk working hard until the end of your shift you might be thinking you’re positioning yourself properly for that next promotion.  The fact is, however, that one of the things that can have the biggest impact on getting a promotion is how you interact with customers, co-workers and even management.  To avoid this problem, make sure to dedicate some time each day to building strong relationships with those you work with!
  • You’re NOT Working At Your Full Potential – While there are times in every career that you just have to wait for an opportunity to present itself, which does not mean you can relax or get lazy.  Management can typically sense when an employee is not giving 100% at work and that will take you off the short list for any potential promotions.
  • Let Work Come to You – Many people do excellent work when it is assigned to them, but they don’t go out to find work that needs to be done.  Taking initiative is something that your boss is undoubtedly looking for and if you don’t do it, you won’t be getting that next promotion.  If you’ve completed one project, start another one your own or ask your boss for additional tasks to complete.  Showing initiative will get you noticed faster than anything else.
  • You’re Not Getting results – No matter what type of business you’re in it is critical to get high quality results.  If you’re just performing at an average level or worse not even meeting the requirements that have been set for you it is not likely that you’ll get a promotion.  When you’re on the hunt for a bump in pay, responsibility or both you need to set the bar high for yourself.  Make sure you hit every goal that has been set for you and when possible exceed them.  This can be things like due dates for projects or sales goals for quotas.
  • You’re Not Dressed for Success – There is a saying in the business world that you should always dress for the job you want.  That goes for more than just the clothes you wear, but your overall look including haircut and other items.  If management believes you don’t care enough about your current job to look your best every day when you come to work, they won’t trust you to be successful in a more demanding role.  Get up a few minutes early each day to make sure you look your best for work.

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