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How to Stay Happy at Work

Did you know that when you are happy you are more creative and productive? Look around your office. Do you see a lot of smiling faces? If not, I can almost guarantee that those people are not working at their peak performance. Their unhappiness is actually sabotaging their jobs. Everybody gets depressed or sad every once in a while. It’s just a natural thing. But there are a lot of people who keep themselves in a constant downward spiral of depression when they can avoid it all together. Now, you don’t have to be the most chipper person in your office, but you can certainly follow these tips to make sure that you get the most out of your day and avoid the negative aspects of living with an unhappy outlook.

1. Keep Your Goals Realistic

Sometimes we can feel as though we need to reach the stars in order to live a happy life. Maybe we put unrealistic goals out there for us to achieve, but always end up falling short. Having these types of goals and requirements of yourself can be very unhealthy and it can really put your mood down in the dumps. When you’re constantly putting these huge goals on your plate and not meeting them, you will take on a lot of depression and start to feel worthless. The best way to remedy this is by setting realistic goals and not always shooting for the stars.

2. Don’t Let Your Surroundings Drag You Down

When we constantly surround ourselves with negative people and negative things we will start to take on that outlook gradually. Have you ever noticed that when you put on a scary movie that later that night things will make you jump or worry more than usual? This is the same for negative influences. What you’re going to want to do is make an effort to surround yourself with positive people and positive things. Pick up an uplifting comedy movie, play some music that makes you smile, have lunch with your favorite colleague. It will do you a lot of good!

3. Don’t Dwell on Your Past

Too many people spend countless hours stressing out about what they could have been or what they could have done to make their lives better. This is extremely unhealthy and it can be very bad for your happiness. There’s nothing that we can do to change the past, and reliving these old memories in your head will do nothing but depress you. The best way to combat these feelings is by always focusing on the now. If you’re working on a project, make sure you give it your undivided attention. If you’re watching a movie, don’t drift off and think of the past, engulf yourself in the storyline. These can be applied to many daily tasks.

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