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4 Ways You Are Making Your Work Life Harder

There is so much that we do each day in order to make our work life successful. We make task lists, add reminders and download task management apps on our smartphones and tablets. However, there is something more subtle that demands the attention of our common sense, but often gets brutally ignored. What are these things that make your life harder? Let’s have a look.

  • Keep the smartphone away- trust us, you don’t really need to read every email, text message or tweet. What usually happens with the smartphones and tablets is that we constantly keep in touch with the whole world when we simply need to focus on our work.  Relax, there is nothing so important going on in Facebook and Twitter. Plus, you have subscribed to so many RSS feeds. They will keep updating you every single time. So, stop the habit of peeping in the screen on every beep.
  • Gossip- while it really feels good to engage in a light-hearted chit-chat with your friends and colleagues; it is recommended that you stay away from gossip. The reason behind this is that it wastes a lot of your precious energy and often, you end up knowing and saying things you should not have. Even worse, when you gossip, you give others the chance to gossip about you. So steer clear of this habit.
  • Learn to say ‘No’- on a number of occasions we love to play the role of the yes man and say yes to everything. This can sometimes bring trouble. If you are already loaded with work and can’t find time to finish it all, don’t be a good old colleague and say yes if another colleague or even your boss gives you a new task. In such a situation, you only reduce the quality of your work.
  • Start Listening- this is probably the biggest mistake that you do at your workplace. You don’t pay attention to what is being said and keep wondering about other things. Being lost in thoughts can make you less productive at work.

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