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Develop the Habit of Being Organized


Have you ever noticed that certain people seem to be highly organized, despite having a rather chaotic lifestyle? It’s not because these people have been blessed with insane amounts of energy… it’s because they have learned the skill of being organized. The good news is that anyone can learn this skill as long as they are willing to put in a little work to make it happen.

Here are the steps you can take to work on developing this skill for yourself:

Write things down: Unless you happen to have a picture-perfect memory, chances are you’re going to forget details of things. By taking a couple moments to write things down instead of trying to memorize everything, you’ll actually eliminate stressors from your life. Keep a notepad to jot down appointments, names, or phone numbers, then input them into your calendar and contacts.

Don’t allow clutter: It’s easy to put something down on a counter or a table because you’re busy. The problem is that once you allow a little bit of clutter, it can quickly multiply. Unless you use something every day, like your blender or the coffee pot, make clutter be against the rules.

Everything has its proper place: We all tend to have a junk drawer somewhere. It’s the drawer where all the miscellaneous stuff that hasn’t been assigned a home gets a home, right? The problem is that the junk drawer keeps expanding because more stuff doesn’t have an assigned spot. By making sure that there is a proper place for everything, you won’t have a junk drawer… and you’ll have less mess as well.

Don’t leave a room empty handed: How many times do you move from room to room in your home every day? How much stuff could get put away on a consistent basis if you just took one thing that was out of place and put it back into its proper place? No matter how hard we try to keep things put away, there’s always something that is invariably not where it’s supposed to be. This solves that problem.

Be proactive about filing: It’s easy to just toss something into a pile that needs to be filed. It seems like it saves some time. The problem is that it doesn’t – in fact, it wastes time because you’re stuck searching through piles for specific paperwork, bills to pay, and correspondence that needs to be addressed. Taking a few minutes to file each day can help to keep that clutter down effectively.

Purge: Some things you need to keep for a few years to make sure your taxes are in order in case you get audited. Other stuff you might want to save for memories. Then there are the things that you don’t need to save whatsoever. If you don’t need it, then get rid of it. As for clothing, if you buy something new, then donate something that is gently used from your closet.

Plan: A routine is a beautiful thing to have because it can help you keep your day planned out as much as possible. By keeping to your routine, you’ll find that there is more time for everything because you’re able to focus on accomplishing one thing at a time. Being able to check things off of your schedule can help you from duplicating certain items as well, like thinking you haven’t paid the cell phone bill and then finding out that you did.

These are the steps that today’s highly organized people take on a daily basis. Rather than having a lot of energy to spend, a small time investment is made to effectively plan out a day and then that plan is kept as good as it possibly can be. That’s the secret to staying organized – by being proactive about it.

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