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Why it is Vital to Switch off from Work While on Holiday


It is great to take your work seriously, but you need to take yourself seriously as well. If you spend the majority of your day focusing on productivity and getting the job done, you will only have a negative impact on your work performance and possibly, your overall well being in the long run.

Everyone, regardless of how passionate they are about their work, can suffer from extreme fatigue and even burnout. Protect yourself from those types of worker’s remorse by doing what the name “holiday” implies — enjoy and celebrate. It is important to enjoy that time away. Don’t feel guilty, and don’t hesitate to leave the work world behind. Instead, forget that stack of jumbled papers on your desk and leave those emails in the inbox for a few days.

A report in Psychology Today indicated that it is imperative for the physical and mental health of individuals to go on vacation and just escape the regular stresses of daily life. In the article, Dr. Susan Krauss Whitborne states, “Though the average citizen may not experience the kind of mega-stress of a nationally elected leader, all of us have our own home-grown version of job-related stress. We may face the burdens of meeting tight deadlines, making crucial decisions, or managing the complexities of household demands.”

Besides causing mental fatigue, stress can effect other health conditions as well, such as blood pressure, cardiac conditions, and even neurological issues, such as migraines. If you are not physically well, then odds are that you are not able to perform as well in your work related duties or your personal related duties, such as with family and home tasks. Your relationships with your partner, friends, and family members can also be negatively impacted by stress.

In order to maintain a successful career and to maintain a happy life, take time for yourself and your family. Holidays enable stress free fun-filled time designed for fun and relaxation. Take a few days to enjoy doing what you love the most, whether it be a hike in the mountains or a trip to soak in the sun on the beach.

Some studies show that people in many countries do not even use their allotted holiday time each year. Most experts recommend using any time allocated by your employer for holidays and getaways, because that time is scheduled for the employee to get rest and relaxation so job performance can be enhanced.

Another benefit to taking holidays is that reducing stress, as mentioned earlier, helps with medical conditions and can reduce the amount of time spent away from work for medical problems. So in the long run, a few days away can prevent multiple days away.

Get away from it all! Enjoy that holiday and take time to breathe. There is more to life than phone calls, scheduling, emails and piles of paperwork. Take time to clear your mind and rejuvenate. You will be glad you did, and odds are your employer will be thrilled you took the time off as well when they see the improved work performance.

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