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Would You Like To Become a Morning Person?

When the alarm clock goes off in the morning, are you well practiced at hitting the snooze button a half dozen times? Do you then drag your body out of bed, quickly go through your morning routine, and stress yourself out as you attempt to beat the deadline for reporting to work on time? The answer to all of these problems is to give yourself more time in the morning and the best way to do that is to become a morning person.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Decide to make a change. Not being a morning person is an excuse that is commonly used when a poor result happens in something. Just as you can choose to be happy in life, you can choose to be a morning person. People who prefer the morning tend to make more money, be more productive, live longer, and have a higher level of contentment in life. If you use the excuse of not being a morning person, try eliminating the excuse. Try saying “I really am a morning person!”

2. Does the risk outweigh the reward? In any change in habits, the pros must outweigh the cons so that the goal of change can actually occur. Rather than go into this process blindly and be discouraged if something negative happens, make a list of everything that is good about becoming a morning person. Then make a list of everything that you think you might lose by becoming a morning person. If the list of good things has more value than the things you’d lose, then becoming a morning person makes sense and you’ll have the evidence to reference when you feel discouraged.

3. Make sure you get enough sleep. The reason why many people aren’t successful at becoming a morning person is that they don’t allow enough time for sleep in their schedule. In many ways, they’re attempting to be both a morning and evening person. That doesn’t work! If you need to get eight hours of sleep and your goal is to get up at 5am, then you’re going to need to be in bed and asleep by 9pm. By scheduling this sleeping time, you’ll be able to develop a more concise pattern that will let you get the right amount of sleep.

4. Allow enough time to develop the habit. It’s easy to get discouraged when immediate results aren’t seen. To develop new habits, however, the average person needs 21 days of consistently trying to establish the new habit to make it become one. Give yourself this amount of time to see if you like being a morning person. If you don’t like it, you can always switch back to your old ways.

Are You Ready To Try Becoming a Morning Person?

The first thing you must be willing to do is be open to the change. From there, you can use these tips to work toward becoming a morning person yourself. The chance at doing something greater, finding more wealth, and enjoying life more is well worth the risk! Is it time to explore what life is like as a morning person?

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