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5 Traits for the Successful Woman

It’s true that every woman has their own definition of success. Despite these varying definitions, however, there is some common ground that every successful woman has. These traits are something that almost every successful woman has in some form and it fuels their desire to find the success they want to achieve. From the stay-at-home mom to the successful CEO, here are what today’s successful women have.

1. Have a Passion for What They Do

It can seem difficult to be passionate about cleaning up the kid’s bedroom for the second time in a single day, but it can also seem difficult to be passionate about a day full of meetings. In order to truly find success, you must have an burning passion that allows you to proceed through the daily chores and responsibilities that can lead to that success. Without a passion for something, most women end up abandoning what they are doing in favor of something that is more in line with their desires. That’s why household chores or lengthy meetings aren’t so bad… because the effort put forth is pleasurable.

2. Don’t Expect Perfection

Humans are fallible creatures. That fallibility makes it nearly impossible for anyone to be perfect 100% of the time. It’s easy to get caught up in the trap that in order to be successful, a perfect level of success must be achieved. Successful women don’t expect perfection from themselves or others. What they do expect is the best effort that can be put forth because if perfection is missed, then what is experienced is failure instead of success.

3. Believe They’ll Be Successful

Becoming successful truly is a choice that can be made. Just as you can choose to be happy and then find things that make you happy, you’ll choose things that will make you successful when you choose success. The decision-making process really is the model of a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you set the bar low, you’ll achieve little. If you set the bar high, you’ll always find more success.

4. Willing To Take Risks

In the book of Matthew, Jesus tells a parable of three servants who are given money. One gets five bags of gold, one gets two bags of gold, and the third gets just one bag. Two of the servants are willing to take risks with the money of their master and end up doubling the money they were given. The third servant, however, takes no risks and buries the money in the ground. In order to find success, risks must be taken so that forward steps may be taken. If you are unwilling to take a risk, all you’ll ever have is what you’ve managed to bury in the ground somewhere.

5. Recognize That Failure Is Part of the Process

In order to find success, a risk of failure must be taken as well. Rather than it being the opposite of success, however, failure is simply another step toward success. J.K Rowling had manuscripts rejected over a dozen times before someone was willing to take a risk to publish her work. If she had simply given up, there wouldn’t be the massive Harry Potter franchise there is today.

Success can be had, but only if you’re willing to have it. Incorporate these traits into your life as best you can and you may just see that the success you’ve been wanting is waiting for you, right around the corner. Go grab it today!

Top 5 Strategies To Have A Productive Day

All of us have what we would describe as good days for being productive and bad days for it. Sometimes those bad days are outside of our control. A migraine headache, an illness, or an accident on the highway that gets us stuck on the road for three hours can all wreck havoc on the best of intentions. What if you could give yourself a better chance at a productive day by tweaking your perspective by just a little? These strategies could help you make the most out of every day!

Strategy #1: Protect Your Mornings

Even if you’re not a morning person, you need to protect your routine that you do in the morning. If you create stress at the start of your day, you’ll end up having stress throughout the day that just keeps building and building. Avoid doing any business during your protected morning time and instead do something that helps you prepare for the day.

Strategy #2: Make a Prioritized To-Do List

One of the biggest pitfalls to having a productive day is that we attempt to do too much in the time that we have. Instead of focusing on one task at a time, we attempt to multi-task most of our to-do list and we end up getting a little bit done on everything… but nothing gets completed. Put the three things on this list that must be done on any given day and make sure you completed them. Then add other items that you can work on completing after you get the top three items fully completed.

Strategy #3: Only Use Stuff That You Need

Distractions are the #1 killer of a productive day. With multiple programs, apps, and browser tabs available on most computers these days, a lot of people have Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and other social networking programs up. Some people even play their social games throughout the day too! Every moment you give to these distractions is a moment you lose time to do something productive. Most people need extra time to switch gears between working and these distractions as well. If you only keep up the programs you need, you’ll be more likely to get stuff done.

Strategy #4: Exercise!

Exercise is a great way to boost your metabolism and relieve stress. With more energy and less emotional strain, it’s easier to problem solve and be more productive. To encourage yourself to exercise during the day, set out your exercise clothes. This visual reminder will help you remember to make the few minutes you need to take care of your body as you go about taking care of the various projects that demand your attention.

Strategy #5: Have an Evening Routine

Though this strategy may be difficult for parents of young children, if you can get yourself to bed at a regular time each evening and make sure you’re getting enough sleep, you’ll find that you will feel more energetic and ready to conquer your day in the morning. You’ll find that your body will wake up right around the time you need to get up if you can keep to the routine.

Remember That No One Is 100% Perfect

Will you be able to succeed 100% of the time at adopting these strategies to be more productive? Of course not! Humanity is fallible by nature, so expecting perfection all the time is an unreasonable expectation. With regular practice of these strategies, however, you’ll find that you can be more productive on a regular basis… and that to-do list might end up being smaller!

3 Benefits of the Daily Nap

For some people, the inability of being able to get through an entire day without a nap carries with it a negative stigma. To get through their day, however, many people require large doses of caffeine, sugary foods, and starchy carbohydrates that can quickly ruin someone’s health. In comparison, a short nap during the day can relieve fatigue, increase creativity, and reduce stress. Many of today’s leading company’s, such as Ben & Jerry’s and Google, are embracing the napping concept and are allowing their employees a chance to nap during the day.

What are the benefits of having a daily nap?

1.      Increase Alertness Without Sleep Interference

One of the common excuses of not taking a nap during the day is that people believe a nap will interfere with their sleep patterns at night. Research shows that a 20 – 30 minute nap during the day can improve someone’s overall performance without leaving that nasty groggy feeling a prolonged nap can sometimes leave.

2.      Reduce the Risks of Burnout

One of the most commonly given pieces of advice for the modern employee is to “not burnout.” A lot is expected of people today and this stress, combined with the pressure of needing to always work, can quickly cause exhaustion. A short nap is like pressing an internal reset button on stress. It gives you a fresh start on whatever problem or situation you may be facing.

3.      Naps Reduce the Risks of Heart Disease

According to recent research, men who take a nap during the day are able to reduce the risks of heart disease by almost two-thirds. As we each progress through our day, we all tend to let the little stresses build up inside without resolving them in some way. This increased level of stress end up creating higher blood pressure, higher pulse rates, and can even lead to substance abuse patterns. A simple nap, however, increases creativity, reduces fatigue, and even improves production levels.

Is It Hard To Take a Nap During the Day?

Many folks find that it is hard to get a restful nap in during the day. Part of the reason is because they are not consistent in taking an afternoon nap. For others, it may be the lack of a quiet, dark room in which to take a nap. Just make sure to keep it short so that you don’t get nailed by that groggy feeling that can last with you for the remainder of the day.

You really can take a nap virtually anywhere: in the car, in a conference room, or even at your desk. If naps are not permitted during the work day, you may wish to talk with your employer about using your lunch break for one and where they would feel an appropriate place to take one may be. This way you can prove the effectiveness of a daily nap, not put your job at risk, and increase your overall creativity with a 30 minute investment into yourself in the afternoon!

Use Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life



Do You Talk Positively To Yourself?

It’s often been said that we are what we eat, but a more accurate portrayal of this saying is that we are what we think. The mind has a unique ability to create the environments that allow each person to succeed or fail based on their own self-perception. If, for example, you often talk to yourself about why you made such a bad decision, then you’ll unconsciously set up the circumstances to continue making bad decisions until it becomes a habit. Instead of creating a downward spiral of negative self-talk when it comes to achieving a goal, what could positive affirmations about your confidence and ability to continually strive forward do for your life?

What Do You Give Yourself Permission To Do?

One of the biggest struggles that each person faces in life is giving themselves permission to be successful. It’s understandable, after all: there are people in this world who are struggling to find their next meal while others are struggling to cope with a little negative self-talk that sets them back from a goal. Just because it is understandable, however, doesn’t make it the right course of action to take. You must give yourself permission to be successful and you must be able to tell yourself that you can be successful, no matter what influence may try to drag you down.

It’s All About Reconditioning the Brain

The human brain is a creature of habit. Because of this, it likes routines. It likes to do the same thing over and over and over again. You can take advantage of this be reconditioning your brain to focus on the positive affirmations that you think about yourself! If you can consistently tell yourself that you will be confident in social situations and that you will be a successful entrepreneur, then your mind will begin to change the way it thinks about social situations and will look for opportunities where your entrepreneurism can become successful. This doesn’t happen, however, unless you put a little work into the process.

How Can You Make Your Mind Work For You?

What you’ve got to do is create your new vision of reality. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, like becoming the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. It should be something achievable, like wanting to make more money in your own business venture. From there, create stimuli that will help you focus on this goal. This could include:

  • visual representations of what you’re thinking,
  • daily meditation, or
  • self-guided images, like mental movies, that help you visualize the goal you wish to achieve.

The more time you can dedicate to this process, the better the likelihood of success you’ll have. Plan on taking at least 3 weeks to really begin transforming your mental state.

What Could Positive Affirmations Do For Your Life?

The only way to find out if you could achieve your life goals in a simpler, easier way through positive affirmations is to just do it. Many people find that a simple shift in attitude or perspective is really all it takes to be able to create the environment they need for success. Take the time to begin the process today and see how quickly your goals might become a reality too!

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