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3 Benefits of the Daily Nap

For some people, the inability of being able to get through an entire day without a nap carries with it a negative stigma. To get through their day, however, many people require large doses of caffeine, sugary foods, and starchy carbohydrates that can quickly ruin someone’s health. In comparison, a short nap during the day can relieve fatigue, increase creativity, and reduce stress. Many of today’s leading company’s, such as Ben & Jerry’s and Google, are embracing the napping concept and are allowing their employees a chance to nap during the day.

What are the benefits of having a daily nap?

1.      Increase Alertness Without Sleep Interference

One of the common excuses of not taking a nap during the day is that people believe a nap will interfere with their sleep patterns at night. Research shows that a 20 – 30 minute nap during the day can improve someone’s overall performance without leaving that nasty groggy feeling a prolonged nap can sometimes leave.

2.      Reduce the Risks of Burnout

One of the most commonly given pieces of advice for the modern employee is to “not burnout.” A lot is expected of people today and this stress, combined with the pressure of needing to always work, can quickly cause exhaustion. A short nap is like pressing an internal reset button on stress. It gives you a fresh start on whatever problem or situation you may be facing.

3.      Naps Reduce the Risks of Heart Disease

According to recent research, men who take a nap during the day are able to reduce the risks of heart disease by almost two-thirds. As we each progress through our day, we all tend to let the little stresses build up inside without resolving them in some way. This increased level of stress end up creating higher blood pressure, higher pulse rates, and can even lead to substance abuse patterns. A simple nap, however, increases creativity, reduces fatigue, and even improves production levels.

Is It Hard To Take a Nap During the Day?

Many folks find that it is hard to get a restful nap in during the day. Part of the reason is because they are not consistent in taking an afternoon nap. For others, it may be the lack of a quiet, dark room in which to take a nap. Just make sure to keep it short so that you don’t get nailed by that groggy feeling that can last with you for the remainder of the day.

You really can take a nap virtually anywhere: in the car, in a conference room, or even at your desk. If naps are not permitted during the work day, you may wish to talk with your employer about using your lunch break for one and where they would feel an appropriate place to take one may be. This way you can prove the effectiveness of a daily nap, not put your job at risk, and increase your overall creativity with a 30 minute investment into yourself in the afternoon!

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