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5 Traits for the Successful Woman

It’s true that every woman has their own definition of success. Despite these varying definitions, however, there is some common ground that every successful woman has. These traits are something that almost every successful woman has in some form and it fuels their desire to find the success they want to achieve. From the stay-at-home mom to the successful CEO, here are what today’s successful women have.

1. Have a Passion for What They Do

It can seem difficult to be passionate about cleaning up the kid’s bedroom for the second time in a single day, but it can also seem difficult to be passionate about a day full of meetings. In order to truly find success, you must have an burning passion that allows you to proceed through the daily chores and responsibilities that can lead to that success. Without a passion for something, most women end up abandoning what they are doing in favor of something that is more in line with their desires. That’s why household chores or lengthy meetings aren’t so bad… because the effort put forth is pleasurable.

2. Don’t Expect Perfection

Humans are fallible creatures. That fallibility makes it nearly impossible for anyone to be perfect 100% of the time. It’s easy to get caught up in the trap that in order to be successful, a perfect level of success must be achieved. Successful women don’t expect perfection from themselves or others. What they do expect is the best effort that can be put forth because if perfection is missed, then what is experienced is failure instead of success.

3. Believe They’ll Be Successful

Becoming successful truly is a choice that can be made. Just as you can choose to be happy and then find things that make you happy, you’ll choose things that will make you successful when you choose success. The decision-making process really is the model of a self-fulfilling prophecy: if you set the bar low, you’ll achieve little. If you set the bar high, you’ll always find more success.

4. Willing To Take Risks

In the book of Matthew, Jesus tells a parable of three servants who are given money. One gets five bags of gold, one gets two bags of gold, and the third gets just one bag. Two of the servants are willing to take risks with the money of their master and end up doubling the money they were given. The third servant, however, takes no risks and buries the money in the ground. In order to find success, risks must be taken so that forward steps may be taken. If you are unwilling to take a risk, all you’ll ever have is what you’ve managed to bury in the ground somewhere.

5. Recognize That Failure Is Part of the Process

In order to find success, a risk of failure must be taken as well. Rather than it being the opposite of success, however, failure is simply another step toward success. J.K Rowling had manuscripts rejected over a dozen times before someone was willing to take a risk to publish her work. If she had simply given up, there wouldn’t be the massive Harry Potter franchise there is today.

Success can be had, but only if you’re willing to have it. Incorporate these traits into your life as best you can and you may just see that the success you’ve been wanting is waiting for you, right around the corner. Go grab it today!

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