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6 Tips To Help You Stay Focused At Work

Is it hard to stay focused at work? Many people, despite their best intentions, find that there are periods of time where it is nearly impossible to keep their focus throughout the day. If you’re having trouble getting through the day with your focus intact, these 6 tips can help you make sure you get everything done before the end of the day.

Tip #1: Find Inspiration

When the tasks that need to be completed aren’t very fun, you don’t feel too inspired to get the job done. Without that inspiration, it can be extremely difficult to find the motivation to finish that task. It is easier to procrastinate on it and find something a lot more engaged to do, isn’t it? Look for inspiration in every task that needs to be completed, find a fun way to work on it, and you’ll be able to better keep your focus.

Tip #2: Make a Daily Task List

It is difficult to stay focused on what needs to be completed for the day if there is no direction to how and when something may need to be completed. Created a daily list of tasks that need to be completed, include any deadlines you may need to meet, and then cross off items as they get completed. When you give yourself direction, you’ll give yourself focus!

Tip #3: Set Priorities

Some things at work just have to be done by a certain time. Other things can be set on the back burner because they have a later deadline. When there is a specific deadline that has to be met, it is much easier to keep a focus on the task at hand because the prevention of failure is a powerful motivator. Even if there isn’t a professional deadline time that needs to be met on any given day, give yourself personal deadlines to meet. You may just find that with the right priorities, your focus will be right too.

Tip #4: Be Invisible

Distractions may be the worst cause of a lack of focus in a professional environment. Distractions can come from anywhere too: it could be your co-worker with a cup of coffee and a conversation or it could be your e-mail account that keeps dinging at you. Turn the notification sounds off, close the office door if you can, and hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign so that you can maintain your focus.

Tip #5: Ignore Social Media

If you have access to the internet at work or your smartphone has social media apps, you’re going to need to learn to ignore the temptation to explore what others are doing. Even with a goal of just 5 minutes, it is extremely common to find distractions from friends, interesting articles to read, and crazy cat pictures to see! By ignoring social media until the job is done, you’ll be able to stay better focused on the tasks at hand.

Tip #6: Keep Your E-mail Organized

E-mail is the worst contributor to a loss of focus. The best practice with your e-mail is to keep your personal e-mail separate from your professional e-mail first. From there, answer e-mails that must be responded to right away, then set aside everything else until you get a moment in time to respond. Delete everything else, unsubscribe to things you don’t need, and your e-mail will cost you less time overall.

By following these simple tips, it can be a lot easier to keep your focus at work! Make a plan to implement these tips in some way into your daily routines to see how much more you can get done with the right focus!

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