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5 Reasons You Did Not Get That Promotion

It can be extremely discouraging to not get a promotion that you felt was deserved. You’ve worked hard, done everything that you’ve ever been asked to do, and maybe even sacrificed countless nights for work that you could’ve spent with your family. Unfortunately hard work, dedication, and loyalty just aren’t enough for many employers to grant a promotion in the modern workplace. They’re looking for something more.

Here are the five primary reasons why workers don’t get a promotion that they’re expecting to get. Take these reasons and apply them to your unique situation to see what you could improve so that the next time a promotion comes around, you can quickly secure it!

Reason #1: No Apparent Leadership Skills

Quality leadership comes in three forms and all three must be present:

  • You need to be able to inspire others to do an incredible job at every task they’re assigned.
  • You need to be willing to roll up your sleeves and work on a project at a moment’s notice.
  • You need to be ok with the fact that you might fail.

You might be a hard worker and do an incredible job, but that’s just one-third of what most employers want to see in their leaders. Are you scared to fail? Do you tend to just do your job and never help anyone else? Do you sit quietly at your desk instead of inspiring your co-workers onto bigger and better things? These traits could help you get your job done effectively, but won’t play well with a promotion attempt.

Reason #2: You’re Disorganized

To be fair, everyone has their own filing system that works well for them. Whether you organize in “piles” or “folders,” you’ve got to be able to find stuff at a moment’s notice. An employer doesn’t usually care if your filing system is messy or neat and tidy, but it does have to be organized. If you won’t organize your work, chances are you’re going to miss deadlines, and that’s not something an employer will offer a promotion for doing.

Reason #3: You Don’t Defend Yourself

It might seem a bit narcissistic, but you’ve got to make sure that your employer knows how much value you bring to the table. That doesn’t mean you go and try to solicit another offer from a similar employer and then blackmail yourself into a promotion! It means you vocally demonstrate how much work you do compared to your co-workers. You provide evidence that your work is always of the highest quality. If you provide the right data, the chances are better that you’ll get that promotion the next time around.

Reason #4: You Didn’t Declare Your Intentions

One of the biggest reasons why people are passed over for a promotion is because they never applied for one or vocalized their intent to step-up in the organization. You can’t just assume that your employer knows you want more responsibilities! Go in with the assumption that your employer knows nothing about you, tell them what you want, and then use Reason #3 and provide the evidence that you are a valuable commodity.

Reason #5: You’ve Burned Bridges

The attitude that you bring to work gets noticed every single day. If your attitude is consistently negative or viewed as negative, then you won’t get that promotion you want because employers want leaders with a positive outlook. If you throw managers or co-workers under the bus, this will work against you as well.

Having a positive reputation in your local office politics will go a long ways toward securing any promotion. Use this article to make any changes you might need to make so that you can get the promotion you want the next time around!

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