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Should You Be Friends With People At Work?

Are you the type of person who just goes to work to get the job done and nothing else? Do you look forward to a lonely lunch break? Being friends with co-workers isn’t a high priority for some people, but research is starting to show that it maybe should be. People who have friends at work tend to be happier while working, dread going to work less, and even have lower levels of stress!

There are four primary benefits that people get when they make friends at work:

1)      They are more productive.

Studies show that people who are grumpy and grouchy at work tend to stew in their negativity rather than try to get their work done in a timely fashion. Even just having one friend at work can change the overall focus that someone has! Not only can productivity improve, but so can the overall quality of the work being done as well.

2)      They are more engagement with their work projects.

People generally have to buy into what they’re doing in order to produce at the highest of qualities. With friends as co-workers, people are actually more invested in their job to do the best job possible. Part of this is because they don’t want to let down their friends with a poor performance, but much of it lies in the reduced levels of stress someone feels with friends at work. With friends at work, people are more content, know what’s expected of them, and work harder to meet those expectations.

3)      They are focused on the positive aspects of work more.

Misery loves company and people without friends at work get to swim in their negativity for hours upon hours every day. This gives them the ability to be very vocal with their negative views because they’ve sat at their desks throughout the day preparing their arguments. This allows them to be extremely vocal in their discontent, leading others to be discontent. With friends at work, there is the chance to vent frustrations without letting them cook into negativity stew.

4)      They have better communication.

Most people are less inclined to speak with someone if they don’t know them. It makes them feel uncomfortable to put themselves out there when there’s a need to communicate, so they shut down rather than say something. This hinders the whole workplace at times because of this social discomfort! With friends at work, it is much easier to communicate because you’re already communicating with the people who need the information you already have.

Could You Use Some Friends At Work?

No one is saying that you need to be a fully extroverted person who is the life of the office. Having a friend or two at the office, however, makes like a little bit easier because you’ve got companionship and joy even in difficult professional situations. If you’re looking for a way to improve your work and don’t have many friends in the office, then why not try to make a friend in the coming weeks? It could be your ticket to becoming a more productive you!

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