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How You Can Survive a Frustrating Boss

Having a problem with your boss consistently can make for a very frustrating professional environment. If you’re always butting heads, then going to work is no longer fun. The alarm clock goes off and you basically drag yourself through your morning routine because you dread stepping foot inside the office, right? The good news is that you don’t have to look for a new job… yet. Here are some ways that you can survive a frustrating boss:

Find where your problem really lies. There’s a number of different reasons why you and your boss could be having issues. Some common ones are:

  • creative differences
  • personality conflicts
  • different professional expectations

If you can determine what your problem actually is, then you can begin to work on the differences that you’re really having with your boss. It is impossible to move forward with any repair until you can determine exactly what it is that is making you so frustrated!

Determine realistic solutions to the problem. The only person that you can change is yourself. Going into your boss’s office and expecting them to change is an unrealistic goal that will only lead to failure! Look instead at what you can do to improve the environment. That might mean adjusting your own expectations or making an effort to understand why your boss is doing things the way they are. With greater understanding of the situation and proactive efforts at finding a solution, even the most difficult bosses can become more bearable.

Make an effort to talk it out. Having a productive conversation means being honest about how you feel, but doing so in a non-threatening way. Remember: you’re looking for a solution to the issue that you have – not to create more issues! Communication is a two-way street and it is often a communication issue that creates high levels of frustration. By making more of an effort at having productive, useful communication, the more likely you’ll create a better work environment.

If nothing seems to work Sometimes it is just an unfortunate fact of life that people are incompatible. If you’ve made an effort to resolve your differences with your boss without success, then it may be time to bring in a third party. That could be the boss of your boss, a human resources manager, or someone else on an equal or greater management level. Together you can have a meeting where both sides can talk about their frustrations in a safe environment.

If having a third party involved doesn’t work to settle your differences, then it might be time to find a new position under a new boss. Remember that a professional frustration is really just feedback in disguise. Is it feedback regarding your job performance? If not, then chances are the issue your boss has that may be frustrating you isn’t really about you. Realizing that fact can often be enough to relieve  a lot of frustration!

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