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4 Etiquette Tips For Your Tech At Work

Having your smartphone at work can make any day go by a little faster, right? From a quick check of Facebook to exchanging messages with a loved one, it allows you to stay connected to your life while you’re covered in professional misery. Having your tech at work can cause you problems, however, if you aren’t following professional etiquette expectations, so here are 4 tips to help you stay out of trouble as you work for the weekend:

1. Keep your device silent. There’s nothing more annoying for a co-worker than to hear the constant beeping and buzzing of a phone. The noise interrupts thought patterns and let’s faces it – you get unwanted attention if it’s constantly going off. That alerts your boss and you don’t want to have that conversation! Besides – if you’re talking with someone, do you really want to have to silence your phone in the middle of a conversation?

2. Don’t text your co-workers. Being old enough to remember when texting didn’t exist, I can say that having texts available at work for quick messages from home is invaluable. Your co-workers, however, deserve the respect of a phone call when you need information from them. Not only is this the fastest way to get a question answered [because who knows when that text might be received], a text is still considered informal and impersonal.

3. Keep your conversations to the background. In the movie Office Space, the words from the woman across the cubicle hall still rings in my ears: “Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking… just a moment.” No one is saying that you shouldn’t be having a conversation with someone [unless company policy says not to do so], but be polite about it. Keep your voice down and offer your co-workers the same respect you’d want if the roles were reversed. If nothing else, take an early break and have the conversation somewhere besides your desk.

4. Eliminate your tech as a distraction. The primary problem that people have with their tech at work is that it becomes a distraction. It’s more fun to check your phone and play games than it is to actually get those reports out on time, right? Add in the social networking notifications that need to be checked, your personal e-mail account that needs to be checked, and those texts you might be receiving and a workday can quickly become unproductive.

When you treat your tech at work as a secondary thing to do after you get your work done, then you’ll find the highest levels of success with it. Follow these etiquette tips and you’ll be able to stay under the radar and that’s ultimately where we all want to be, right?

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