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Are You Tired of Being Overwhelmed At Work?



Professional responsibilities can define a person, but they can also quickly overwhelm someone and cause burnout as well. These added stresses can then cause a number of health problems, create difficulties in personal and professional relationships, and ultimately cause a negative spiral of choices that takes people away from their zone of happiness.

The good news is that it is possible to control how overwhelmed you may be feeling at work. Here’s how you can stay in your zone of happiness while handling stressful situations:

Plan ahead. Deadlines don’t often change, which means you have a set amount of time to get certain tasks done. Many people are forced to juggle multiple deadlines for multiple projects and that’s what causes them to feel overwhelmed. By planning out each day, each week, or even each month ahead of time, you’ll have a better idea of what needs to be done each day. In essence, you’re setting short-term, achievable goals by doing this and accomplishing those goals will make you feel good

Eliminate distractions. One of the biggest contributors to work not getting done are distractions. E-mails, social media notifications, and even SMS texts can all divide your attention. By eliminating these distractions, you’ll be able to focus more on the tasks at-hand, complete them in a more timely manner, and that will help to eliminate that feeling of being overwhelmed.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you need help, just ask for it. You’ll know that you need help if you have planned out your time and there is just too much work for you to be able to do before a deadline needs to be met. Take your plans and your work to someone who might be able to help and show them what you need them to do. This will give you a better chance of getting the exact help you need so that the whole job can be done on time.

Treat yourself sometimes. It’s not procrastination to treat yourself to a nice break every now and again. By taking a break to focus on yourself, you can actually reset your mind and come back to a task with a greater focus than before! Make sure that you do something that you love during this time, whether that’s a cup of coffee in a quiet moment or a quick bit of socialization.

Transform your vision. When you see all of the small tasks that need to be done start building up, it can cause a feeling of dread because all that can be seen are critical job tasks to complete. By transforming your vision toward the big picture, you’ll get a glimpse of why these tasks need to be completed, what good they will accomplish when you complete them, and that can help to add perspective to your current situation.

When in doubt, work out. Exercise, in many ways, is its own form of meditation. It allows you to problem solve, eliminate stress, and even have more energy to get through your day.

If that overwhelmed feeling is starting to creep in on you, then take these tips and apply them in the best way you can. This way you’ll be able to get through your day, avoid burnout, and ultimately find more contentment in life instead of more stress!

5 Tell-Tale Signs That Prove Burnout Is Affecting You Right Now

Did you know that even the most durable people are subject to experiencing burnout from time to time? Burnout is often viewed as the consequence of being overworked and stressed out without being able to find relief, but it is much more complicated than that. Burnout is actually a symptom of chronic stress… and it doesn’t even have to be work related! Relationship stressors, home stressors, and financial stresses can all contribute to burnout!

Do you think you’re suffering from burnout right now? Here are 5 tell-tale signs:

1. An overall lack of motivation to do anything. When you look at a project for work, do you get a feeling that starts in the pit of your stomach that tells you that you just don’t need to work today? Burnout can cause a difficult to become enthusiastic about anything. If you have a hard time getting going in the morning or you have to literally drag yourself through every day, then burnout is a good possibility.

2. You don’t have the same level of focus. Does it seem like it takes you twice as long to get half as much work done? Do you find yourself constantly distracted by different things? This lack of focus doesn’t necessarily mean you have ADHD – it could be burnout. This distraction tendency is actually the “flight or fight” mechanism kicking in. The distractions help to relieve a little stress, but when this becomes a habit, the distractions become lengthier and more problematic.

3. Do you feel tired all of the time? Stress affects the body in a lot of ways, but maybe the most common symptom of stress is a higher-than-normal level of fatigue that stays with you constantly. If you’re getting enough sleep every night, yet still need several cups of coffee to have enough energy to get through the day, then burnout could be part of your daily equation.

4. Are you always thinking about work? Another common sign that burnout is setting in is that you just can’t leave your work at work. Even when you’re at home, you’re plotting, scheming, and problem-solving your way through tomorrow’s work day. You might be beating yourself up over decisions made in the past at work. If all you ever think about is work, even when doing things that you love, then what you’re really doing is exposing yourself to constant stress. If burnout isn’t there yet, it’s sure to arrive soon!

5. You’re not taking care of yourself. This shows up in the little things of life. You might:

  • not exercising,
  • eat foods that aren’t as healthy, or
  • stop doing other forms of hygiene or home living.

You might not be getting enough sleep if this is happening as well, which creates a cycle of using sleep aids and other medication to treat the symptoms you’re experiencing. This can then cause addictions to occur and even more health problems!

Burnout is a serious condition that needs to be treated! Begin to take time for yourself today, find some coping skills, or even begin to practice meditation in some way. By finding new ways to help your mind process stressful events, you’ll find that the burnout you’re experiencing can quickly disappear!

When Did Asking For Help Become Taboo?

Have you ever noticed how people have stopped asking for help? It is uncommon to ask for help in many aspects of life, but it has become exceedingly rare at work. Even for those who work in a dedicated team environment, the concept of asking for help has become restricted, or taboo, because it has become an indication of failure.

What if you could turn that perception around and actually find the right way to ask for help when you might need it? Here are some helpful ways that you could ask for help at work without making it seem like you’re useless:

#1: Try Everything Before Asking For Help

The reason why asking for help is considered a black mark of failure is because too many people ask for help before they truly need it. The concept of “getting help” is that you’ve already taken on your part of the responsibilities required and have tried or looked at every possible solution. All it takes is for someone to say, “Why didn’t you try [fill in the blank]?” to have your reputation shot. You don’t have to use a sledgehammer to break down a door all the time… sometimes the door is already open.

#2: Know Your Limits

A friend of mine once posted on his Facebook page that he loved being a martyr. It was, in fact, his plan to go martyr himself for his business because that would be the easiest way to get things off the ground. That way everything would be done according to his vision… guaranteed.

It’s good to have a vision and it’s good to work hard, but know what your limits are. If you’re working 90 hours per week on a project and everyone else is working half that time, then it might be time to look around and ask for a little help. You’ll actually be seen as more of a success in asking for help in these circumstances than if you decide to take on everything and then complain about it.

#3: Be Specific About Your Needs

One of the most frustrating things for a manager is to have one of their direct reports sit in their office and completely surrender a project. Rather than just give up, bring your solutions to the discussion. Talk about what has worked, what hasn’t worked so far, and specifically why you feel the need to seek out help at this time. By talking about these options, there’s a good chance that your desire to surrender will become a brainstorming session that helps you find that one missing piece of data that has been driving you crazy.

The way you ask for help will define you more than the actual need for help in almost every circumstance. Turn what might be perceived as your greatest weakness into your greatest success by asking for help in the right way! Don’t expect a hand out… but do expect the chance to collaborate so that together, any task can become a little bit easier to complete.

5 Ways To Shine At The Office Party This Year

 The holiday office party is often a place for you and your co-workers to unwind a little from a stressful year. How you behave at that party, however, can help to determine what your career path at that company will ultimately be. One more drink than you should have…

It sounds like common sense to stay in control, but there are other ways that you can dominate your office party and make an incredible impression on those executive managers. That way, when an opportunity does come up, they may just think about your ability to network and be professional, yet still have fun too! These 5 tips will help you find success:

1. It May Be a Party, But You’re Still At Work Too

Many people like to dress down for the holiday party and it seems like an informal occasion, but if you’re at work, the work rules still apply. For many professionals, this means a minimum of business casual attire. Adding in some holiday flair is certainly ok to add a level of festivity, but let’s face it – showing off your night club outfit at work isn’t going to score you long-term points.

2 – Have a Good Introduction Planned

The office party is the perfect time to network! In smaller offices, you probably know everyone already, but some companies employ 3,000 or more people and they bring all their employees together into one location for the party. If the latter applies to you, then in order to dominate, it makes sense to have a pre-planned introduction ready so you can communicate who you are and what you do. Include your name, your position, and how long you’ve worked with the company.

3 – Have Fun and Relax!

It’s really ok to have a drink or two at the holiday party, especially if the company is paying for it. It’s ok to have a good dinner and load up on the prime rib – again, especially if the company is paying for it! Smile, be friendly and open, and don’t carry those hors d’oeuvres around like a defensive weapon. That will show others that you’re relaxed, yet still looking to be professional, and that will help you dominate.

4 – Be Smart About Your Handshake

There are countless articles about what kind of handshake to use for a good reason – you will be judged on your first impression. A limp, cold, slimy handshake will convey a negative impression about who you are as a person. A firm handshake will leave a good, lasting impression on many people. Just be smart about your handshake – don’t hang onto it for too long or be that stalker who stays around someone because they’re trying to get something. Shake hands and then go… and that’s how you’ll shine.

5 – Be the Host/Hostess of the Party

It might not be your job to be the host/hostess, but make it your job! Mingle with everyone, have some light conversation, and don’t always talk about work. You’ll have fun, people will have fun talking with you, and you’ll create solid memories. That, in turn, will help you dominate when the time is right later on.

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