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5 Ways To Shine At The Office Party This Year

 The holiday office party is often a place for you and your co-workers to unwind a little from a stressful year. How you behave at that party, however, can help to determine what your career path at that company will ultimately be. One more drink than you should have…

It sounds like common sense to stay in control, but there are other ways that you can dominate your office party and make an incredible impression on those executive managers. That way, when an opportunity does come up, they may just think about your ability to network and be professional, yet still have fun too! These 5 tips will help you find success:

1. It May Be a Party, But You’re Still At Work Too

Many people like to dress down for the holiday party and it seems like an informal occasion, but if you’re at work, the work rules still apply. For many professionals, this means a minimum of business casual attire. Adding in some holiday flair is certainly ok to add a level of festivity, but let’s face it – showing off your night club outfit at work isn’t going to score you long-term points.

2 – Have a Good Introduction Planned

The office party is the perfect time to network! In smaller offices, you probably know everyone already, but some companies employ 3,000 or more people and they bring all their employees together into one location for the party. If the latter applies to you, then in order to dominate, it makes sense to have a pre-planned introduction ready so you can communicate who you are and what you do. Include your name, your position, and how long you’ve worked with the company.

3 – Have Fun and Relax!

It’s really ok to have a drink or two at the holiday party, especially if the company is paying for it. It’s ok to have a good dinner and load up on the prime rib – again, especially if the company is paying for it! Smile, be friendly and open, and don’t carry those hors d’oeuvres around like a defensive weapon. That will show others that you’re relaxed, yet still looking to be professional, and that will help you dominate.

4 – Be Smart About Your Handshake

There are countless articles about what kind of handshake to use for a good reason – you will be judged on your first impression. A limp, cold, slimy handshake will convey a negative impression about who you are as a person. A firm handshake will leave a good, lasting impression on many people. Just be smart about your handshake – don’t hang onto it for too long or be that stalker who stays around someone because they’re trying to get something. Shake hands and then go… and that’s how you’ll shine.

5 – Be the Host/Hostess of the Party

It might not be your job to be the host/hostess, but make it your job! Mingle with everyone, have some light conversation, and don’t always talk about work. You’ll have fun, people will have fun talking with you, and you’ll create solid memories. That, in turn, will help you dominate when the time is right later on.

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