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Forget Giving 110%: Here’s How You Can Give 400%



What if you could get an entire year’s worth of work done in just 12 short weeks? It really could be as simple as changing your time perspective. Instead of treating 2014 as an entire year, shift your yearly perspective into a quarterly perspective. By forcing timely deadlines, people are often able to execute ideas much more efficiently, which ultimately makes them more productive.

How can you transition from a 12 month set of goals to a 3 month set of goals that accomplish the very same thing?

Streamline Your Overall Vision

You’re not going to go anywhere until you get your vision of how things should be sorted out. You’re also not going to really go anywhere special if you just stay within your comfort zone! In order to increase your productivity by 400%, you’ve got to constantly think outside of the box for ways to accomplish your goals. If you’re not willing to become uncomfortable to find greater overall success, then you’re not really looking for success, are you?

Create an Achievable Plan

The problem that many people have with goals is that they try to be great at everything. One of the easiest ways to increase productivity, however, is to be great at just a few things or even just one thing. By finding your niche and then perfecting it so that you’re the best there is, people will come to you because you’re the expert at what you do. To get to that point, you need to outline a specific plan of action that will help you achieve your vision.

Perfect Your Process

It’s one thing to have a set of plans that you put down on paper. The nature of experience is the realization that previously conceived plans almost always don’t work out as envisioned. By being flexible and adaptable, you’ll be able to implement your plan by controlling the processes needed to achieve the vision and plan.

Distractions are another killer of productivity and often it is because interruptions are often seen as emergency situations. The simple truth is that not everything needs to be done immediately. Urgent matters will always arise and sometimes they do need an immediate response, but by controlling the overall process you’ll be able to stay out of the temptation to do everything right now.

Define Success

How do you know if you’ve actually achieved success? Without any metrics, you really don’t have the ability to define how successful you’ve been. How do you set up your own metrics. First, you must determine what it takes to achieve your plan. What will the final outcome of your vision actually be? What processes do you need in order to accomplish multiple goals of your overarching goal? Answer those questions and you’ll have some metrics.

Most importantly, however, to be 400% productive, you must always be in control of yourself. If you allow seconds to slip by, that is time that can never be reclaimed! Carve out your own niche, keep distractions to a minimum, and you’ll be able to accomplish more than you ever thought possible!

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