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Book Review: The Slight Edge


Have you ever noticed how some people tend to always succeed and some tend to always fail? In the new book by Jeff Olson called The Slight Edge, the author puts forth one simple concept: being disciplined is all it takes to generate happiness and success. Instead of focusing on boosting self-confidence or trying to find a shortcut to happiness, the author encourages readers to utilize the tools they already have at home to embrace the simple disciplines that can lead to success.

It’s really about finding a new way to think about life, but it really doesn’t seem like a new perspective once you add a slight edge to the process.

The 8th Edition of The Slight Edge Is Just As Profound As the First

Besides the time you spend sleeping, what is the one thing that you generally do almost every day? For many workers, the answer to that question is commuting. The average worker in the United States spends up to 350 hours in their vehicle, driving to or from work. If you aren’t going to work, then you could be driving to the store, taking a day trip, or going to a favorite restaurant.

What do you listen to when you’re driving? Music? Talk radio?

As Olson says, if you spent that time listening to self-help topics, educational discussions, or instructional audio books, you’d have the equivalent of a PhD in your preferred subject in just a few years with just one simple tweak to your daily routine. That’s the epitome of achieving the slight edge in life: you might not get a paper degree from this effort, but you’ll get practical knowledge that can help you visualize greater life success.

Being Productive and Being Busy Are Not Equal

The greatest trap there is in life today is the equation that being busy means that one is also being productive. According to the author, that simply isn’t true. It’s so untrue, in fact, that most people spend more time being busy instead of being productive and never even realize it! Every task you take on should be something that helps you to achieve one of your overall goals. Even if it is just doing some laundry or you need to clean your home, you can make that time productive by putting on some headphones to listen to some educational materials.

The second greatest trap in life is that good things only come from immediate results. More success comes from hard work and patience rather than from good luck, which means it is important to create an environment around yourself that allows you to be consistently working toward your goals. An expectation of immediate gratification creates a high probability of failure and that’s why so many people just give up.

You don’t have to give up. You’ve got the tools around you that can help you make the smallest of changes. When you get your hands on these tools and use them, you can find the largest successes! That’s what The Slight Edge will help you do and that’s why it is consistently and highly recommended!


If you read one book this year, make sure it is this one.

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