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Could 5 Minutes Per Day Change Your Life?

Do you have 5 minutes that you could spare each day? Could you make an extra 5 minutes happen during your busy schedule? What if you just got up 5 minutes earlier than you normally do each morning? Those 5 minutes, especially when taken in the morning before you go through your normal routine, could be what changes your life forever!

Now that you’ve made those 5 minutes happen, here’s what you’re going to do within that time:

1.     Smile

It’s not a fake smile that you plaster on your face to get through a difficult situation. These 5 minutes are all about yourself and by smiling, you’re telling yourself that these 5 minutes could be the most awesome minutes of your day! When you smile upon waking up, you’re giving your mind a conscious thought that this day will be a good day and nothing is going to hold you back!

2.     Find Contentment

Contentment is really about gratefulness. Instead of focusing on what other people have or what you feel like you should have, focus on what you do have and how great it makes you feel. There are a lot of things that you have that others undoubtedly want for themselves as well! Contentment takes away the competitive nature and stressors of life and simply allows you to be grateful right there, in that moment, for that moment.

3.     Get Some Water

You’ve been sleeping for how long? Hopefully 8 hours or so, right? Go get some water and let your body become hydrated again. Get some water in there before you get some coffee in there! If you’re taking your 5 minutes outside of your morning routine, you’re still going to want some water. Most people are chronically dehydrated and don’t even know it! A lack of energy, constant fatigue, dry skin, are all symptoms of needing some water. Drink up!

4.     Stretch It Out

A little bit of exercise can go a long way to establishing a good energy profile for the day. Even if you’re just doing some basic stretches to loosen up some tight muscles, you’re getting your body fully awake and prepared for battle. A microbreak during the day can provide the same thing! Get up, walk for a minute, stretch out the soreness, and enjoy a moment of peace.

5.     Prepare Positive Self-prophecies

Life is ultimately what we make of it. Telling yourself that you’re going to have a bad day is a good way to make that happen! When we look for the negative, we’re going to find the negative. That’s why taking a moment to encourage yourself to find the positive things in life will help you look for those positive moments throughout the day.

What could you accomplish in the next 5 minutes? By scheduling these tasks into the 5 minutes that you’re setting an appointment for yourself to do every day, you’re going to accomplish more than you could ever imagine. Don’t believe it? Try it for yourself today, right now, and see what begins to happen!

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