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It’s Not Procrastination Holding You Back – It’s Hatred

The creeping feeling comes from the pit of your stomach. It begins to spread out through your chest, into your arms, and down into your legs. It seems to sap the very strength right out of your body! As this feeling continues to spread, it enters your mind and one thought begins to perculate over and over again: I hate this.

This hatred is what holds people back from getting jobs done every day. It goes beyond procrastination, which is more of a feeling of ambivalence. Instead of getting a job done tomorrow or maybe the day after, this hatred eats at you because you never want to do it! Then, when you miss a deadline, the hatred turns into guilt… and shame.

This is what holds many people back. This is what needs to be defeated. It can be done.

Why Do We All Hate Doing Certain Tasks?

It’s a simple question, but a complicated answer. To sum it all up, most people hate doing certain tasks because those tasks don’t make them feel good inside. Maybe the task is boring or uninspiring. It could be something difficult or never attempted before. The reasons are numerous, but the outcome is the same: instead of looking at the long-term benefits of each task, we’re stuck looking for short term results. When they aren’t found, hatred begins to fester.

How can you defeat this hatred? There’s three ways to change your approach.

  1. Look at outcomes that happen further down the road, such as job security, having bills paid consistently, or even increased respect.
  2. Acknowledge the feeling, but don’t let it control your actions. Focus instead on the small, perfect moments that are found everywhere that can bring a measure of joy.
  3. Base your actions off of your commitment to the tasks instead of your emotions that are connected to the task.

If we all waited to accomplish things until we felt like doing them, how many of the menial tasks that must be accomplished daily would actually get done? How many times would a project get collated when the copying machine is down? How often would the laundry get folded? Why even bother getting into the care to commute to work?

Passion Is About How You Accomplish Tasks, Not the Tasks Themselves

When it comes to passion, modern society seems to look at it in reverse. We associate passion with the ability to put love into the things we love to do. Anyone can love chasing their own dream, right? Real passion comes from putting love into every aspect of a job that is not loved in any way. From the extra effort to add more sales statistics to a presentation to the carefully worded e-mail sent out to a difficult client, these are not activities we would normally associate with passion, right?

Yet in their accomplishment, there is extreme passion when the focus is on how the task itself is accomplished. Maybe it’s time to turn the tables on expectations and start doing things because they need to get done, not because we want to do them. If we can do that, maybe the hatred that holds us back so much will be reduced and there will be more joy in every life.

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