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Are You Considering an IT Career? You Should!

Have you been unemployed for awhile in your chosen career and you’re looking for options? Maybe you’re approaching college for the first time and wondering what you should do with your life? Even if you just want a better job than you’ve got now, an IT career fits perfectly into all three categories. Best of all, the IT industry wants you to join the cause and get involved with modern tech. Here’s why!

The IT Industry Needs Talent

Here are two statistics for you to consider at the moment: by the end of the year, almost 1 million IT jobs will remain unfilled in Europe alone because there isn’t enough talent to fill those positions. For people who fit into the 16 to 24 age group who are looking for work, the unemployment rate is nearly 20%, even though every other age group has a declining unemployment rate. As technology continues to take over more aspects of life, IT professionals are going to be in even greater demand.

Simply put, if you switch over to an IT career with the appropriate amount of training, then you’re going to find a job somewhere. Period.

You Can Work Where You Want To Work

Almost every business relies on technology in some way. There’s always going to be those jack-of-all-trades owners that can take care of their IT needs on their own, but most of the time a little help is needed. From the writer who uses Office products to the billion dollar company that focuses on product innovation, IT plays a role in both successes. Your potential in this industry is almost unlimited. You can work for whom you want to work in any field because you’re needed!

Boredom? What Boredom?

With an IT career, there’s always something going on that will keep you active either physically or mentally. It’s a constant problem-solving routine where things are fresh and new because there’s always something different going on. If you love a game of chess, then you’ll love what this industry can provide you for a career. Best of all, every country requires IT professionals. That means you can go anywhere and do virtually anything you want to accomplish in life.

You Change Lives, One Person at a Time

Technology has helped to ease so much suffering in the world today and it’s just getting started! Think about what Facebook has done to connect people together. What has Apple done for communication with their line of products? Looking ahead, there’s 3D printing that could produce viable organs for human transplant, wearable technology, and smart homes will truly become smart because everything will talk with everything else. You could be part of that. You could change lives for the better while earning your paycheck.

Speaking of paychecks, the IT industry is one of the best salaried positions in any industry, especially in an entry-level job. You might not become the richest person in the world, but you could earn a comfortable living that can bring a level of content to life that you may not have right now. There are jobs in the IT industry just waiting to be filled – are you ready to step up to the plate?

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