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5 Ways To Perform At Your Peak Every Day

Being on your “A” game is critical for continued success in this modern world. We all have good intentions at the start of the day, but by the time we get through our emails and texts, we’re already close to spent. Then there’s all of this ongoing questions that come our way, phone calls, and other distractions that it becomes a miracle just to get one task done instead of the initial plans we have in place at the start of the day.

5 simple changes in how the day is approached can help each person perform at their peak more consistently. Let’s take a look!

#1. Prioritize By Setting 3 Top Goals

There are so many demands in life today that without any prioritization, nothing ultimately gets done. By setting three top goals to accomplish by the end of the day, what you’re really doing is setting a deadline for yourself. Deadlines spur motivation and that motivation enhances the focus of these three specific areas. Set more than three goals and you’ll change the foundation of your thinking and not work as efficiently. Set fewer and you might get done too soon… and end up getting nothing else done.

#2. You Don’t Have To Go At 100% All the Time

Your ability to save energy throughout the day means you’ll be able to put a consistent amount of resources to projects throughout the day instead of heavy spurts in the morning… and nothing in the afternoon. Every action takes energy as well, so turn off your phones and leave your tablets alone. Every switch of attention you make robs you of energy that could go into something more productive than a friend’s latest Facebook status.

#3. Create Time Where You Just Think

Everyone needs time for themselves every day, but that time is often the first thing that is sacrificed. It’s so easy to do too: the kids need help with homework, the boss has an emergency project for Saturday, and your buddies want to get together to play poker. Sometimes you’ve just got to disconnect and create time for yourself where you can just be alone with your thoughts and creativity.

#4. Stop With the Multitasking

98% of the human brains on this planet have the ability to do just one conscious thing at a time. We all like to think we’re part of the 2% of multitasking brains on the planet, but there’s a really good chance that we’re part of the 98% instead. Not only does this mean that multitasking robs us of energy, but it leads to decreased attention to details, poor performances, and ultimately more mistakes. Don’t do two things at the same time. Do one thing, then do the other, and you’ll still be able to beat the deadline.

#5. Carve Out Time

Make time for yourself. Put it into your schedule so you have real time to rest! The more time you can switch off from the connected world, the greater the insights you’re bound to have as you rest in this mental silence. Sometimes rest needs to be literal too – a nap can help to rejuvenate focus, especially if the rest from the night before wasn’t so good.

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