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Could More Sleep Help You Achieve More?

How many times have you either heard someone say or have said yourself that there just isn’t enough time in the day? Our modern society puts a lot of emphasis on working hard and playing hard, but this is all done at the sacrifice of real rest. If you were able to get a full night of rest, how much more could you actually accomplish?

How Much Sleep Do You Actually Get?

The average person needs to get between 7-9 hours of sleep every night. The actual amount varies from person-to-person. Some might need a little more while others may require a little less. Yet in the United States, the average amount of sleep that people report getting doesn’t reach this threshold. According to some research, we only get about 80% of the sleep that we think we’re getting. That means if someone thinks they’re getting 6 hours of sleep, it means they’re really just getting 4.8 hours every night – or about half of what they need!

So why aren’t we getting enough sleep? It’s because of a common thinking error: one hour less of sleep, we believe, can translate to one additional hour of productivity. It doesn’t work that way. The longer we work, the less effective we are.

What Could Extra Sleep Do For You?

Besides keeping you focused more every day, there are three essential benefits that you receive from getting the right amount of sleep every night.

  1. You remember more. Have you been in a conversation with someone and then completely forgotten what they were telling you? Are you forgetting deadlines? The more you sleep, the more your memory improves.
  2. You become revitalized. Your body needs time to heal. Stress is as harmful to the body as a scrape to the knee that gets infected. Fatigue, high blood pressure, weight gain, and nerve disorders are just the start of what a chronic lack of sleep can provide. It’s the same with the mind: less sleep means less focus, which means fewer barriers to anxiety.
  3. You become emotionally stable. Have you ever watched how a toddler slowly descends toward a grumpy, defiant ball of rebellion toward the end of the day, especially when they don’t get a nap? The same is true for adults! With less sleep, you have less emotional control and may end up saying… or doing something you’ll regret later on.

Sleep isn’t something that is a privilege or a benefit or an indulgence. It is a required part of the daily routine that must be followed in order for everyone to be at their very best. Sleep helps to lower the chemicals that cause stress, improves the immune system, and can even stabilize the body’s metabolism.

If you’re having some chronic sleep deficits, then you’re not experiencing life to its fullest. Even if you have to schedule sleeping time into your calendar, then do it. Get the 7-9 hours you need so that you can be at your very best every day and fully productive.

One Response to “Could More Sleep Help You Achieve More?”

  1. John Stone says:

    I think more sleep will make people more productive.

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