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Achieve Greater Happiness and Success With These 7 Choices

Have you heard that happiness and success are choices? Although no one can control everything that happens around them, we each have the ability to choose happiness and define our own success. If you’re finding that life is difficult and filled with discontent, these choice changes could be exactly what you need to lead you down a different path.

It begins with a change of your expectations. Instead of constantly pushing for more, revel in the moment of now to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. There’s always something on the horizon to work toward, but when you’re looking forward all the time, you’re missing the view around you.

Nothing Will Make You Happy

1) Earning a million dollars per year won’t make you happy because money doesn’t purchase happiness. Your choice to become happy and successful comes from your choice to be content. You’ve got to alter your perspective to realize that happiness comes from within, not from without.

Never Assume

2) Assuming that happiness will come your way is like expecting dinner to unwrap itself from your refrigerator, turn on the oven, and then cook itself without any effort on your part. It just isn’t going to happen. You’re not too valuable. You can be let go. The moment you start assuming your worth, you’re headed down a pathway that will only lead one place: unhappiness.

Take Time For Yourself

3) A life well lived is a life that serves others, but you must also love your neighbor as you love yourself. Take time for yourself every day to do something that relaxes you. Even if you just meditate for 5 minutes during a break, that’s time that becomes “you” time. Exercise, a journal, painting, composing… these are all ways you can show yourself a little love.

Eliminate Shortcuts

4) There’s no way to find happiness by eliminating some of the work that comes from a decision to be happy. There is no shortcut. You must decide that you will be happy and you must focus on the items around you that create joy. Otherwise you’ll allow the misery around you to be your company instead.

Take a Risk

5) You can grow by taking a conservative route, but you can find success by being willing to take a risk. Failure is only a bad thing if no learning comes from the process. There is a measure of happiness in taking the safe route, but the view from above after a long climb brings an intense joy as well.

Create Realistic Goals

6) Meeting a goal brings about a feeling of accomplishment and success, while failing at goals creates discouragement and the desire to just quit. Set realistic goals that you can achieve that are challenging, but not so far out of reach that you’ll need a miracle to reach them.

Vow To Take Action

7) If you don’t make a choice, then the world will go on without you and you’ll be left behind. Make a vow right now, at this moment, to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way so that you can always be walking forward, content in the surroundings around you.

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  1. John Stone says:

    Your tips are great. Thanks.

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