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Make Your Morning Routine a Winner!

Have you ever noticed that things seem to be just a little easier to do when you first wake up? That’s because your mind is fresh and ready to begin the tasks that a new day requires. It is a common practice to create schedules or to-do lists the night before a busy day, but what if you took just 10-15 minutes after first waking up to create this list? That would make your morning routine a winner for one simple reason: you’re putting your best foot forward into the day.

How Could You Make Your List Be More Meaningful?

A list of chores can sometimes be a daunting task. It creates an automatic mental block that stops people from wanting to work before they even begin! I don’t feel like doing that, so I’ll find something else to do. One way to counter this mental feeling that we all encounter at some point is to include action verbs as part of your to-do checklist. Instead of saying “Get article done about morning routines,” you could try putting “Write article about morning routines,” on your morning checklist.

Why include the action verb? This creates a mental instruction that your are more willing to follow on a subconscious level. The more descriptive and specific your action verbs are, in fact, relates to how productive you’re likely to be while accomplishing any given task.

It’s Important To Map Out Each Step

Reaching a large goal is rather difficult. You might want to lose 50 pounds, but it can’t be done overnight. You might want to be able to bench 600 pounds, but most people can’t just walk into a gym and do it their first time. Every major goal has a series of smaller goals that must be first achieved. When you’ve got a task that needs to get done and it has multiple steps to it, try including these specific steps into your checklist.

Why do this? You’re creating a blueprint of your day as you do this in the morning. You don’t have to be ultra-specific [I'm going to get dressed and then open my car door], but you should have action details in your list [Check your email for 10 minutes to look for emergency projects that are due].

The reason for this specificity is that people always have less willpower as they approach the end of their day. Tackling challenging items first, the items that need the most focus, comes first and then fill out your day with tasks that you know you can get done. Create this blueprint first thing in the morning and you’ll make your morning routine a powerful start to every day!

What is Urgent? What is Really Important?

The reason why so many feel like they were unproductive during the day is because they focused their energies on what they felt was urgent instead of what was actually important. If you’ve got multiple tasks that need to get done, how do you prioritize them? The most important items, not necessarily the items you feel are urgent, should be at the top of the list. That way you can always feel like you’ve accomplished something throughout the day instead of trying to find work to do.

Your morning routine has always been important, but with these efforts it could be the key to unlocking the potential you have in every day. Try it tomorrow morning to see how effective you can be!

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