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Are You a Procrastinator? Take This 7 Step Test To Find Out!

Do you consider yourself a go-getter? Or do you struggle to get even the most basic things done during the day because what can be done today can definitely be done tomorrow? Although that’s the classic way to determine if you’re a procrastinator, it may not be as easy for many people. With this 7 step test, you can find out if you do tend to procrastinate so you can begin developing new habits that can improve your life.

Issue #1: Does It Really Matter?

Do you tend to avoid tasks that don’t seem that important? If something isn’t approaching a deadline, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re procrastinating if you have more time-sensitive work to complete. If you avoid a task because it doesn’t make you feel good or you’re scared of the results of your work, then mentally we tell ourselves that the task isn’t important. That’s an excuse!

Issue #2: Prioritize Based On Feelings

When you create the list of chores that need to be completed for the day, which items go first? The ones that are most time critical… or the ones that make you feel good when they’re completed? Any time priorities are based more on emotions than needs, there is some sort of procrastination involved.

Issue #3: You Need Information

Using research as an excuse is sometimes a valid need. You can’t just install a brand new TV without knowing how the brackets are supposed to affix to the wall. If you always need more information to get something done, however, then you’re likely finding a way to procrastinate.

Issue #4: You Create Personal Policies

Are you the type of person that requires a specific waiting time to respond to a question? If you get a voicemail or an email, do you wait at least 24 hours to respond to it? Sometimes this comes from a feeling of being overwhelmed, and that can be legit when the to-do list is longer than what can get done during a day, but it is often because of a need to handle everything. If you don’t delegate much, then you probably procrastinate a lot without realizing it.

Issue #5: There’s No Time

When a checklist is extensive, it is very possible to not have time. If you don’t have time for work, but you do have time to catch the latest episodes of your favorite TV show, then you’re making excuses. Putting things off that are important can become a bad habit that is difficult to break and is a classic form of procrastination.

Issue #6: I Forgot

Being forgetful doesn’t mean that you’re a procrastinator. If you’re consistently forgetful, however, then it could be a sign that you are. If you had something slip your mind and you act to correct the problem immediately, then you’re in good shape. If you “forgot again,” then you could be procrastinating.

Issue #7: I Don’t Want To Do That

If something needs to be done and you refuse to do it because you don’t want to get it done, then you’re procrastinating.

For most people, procrastinating here and there is a normal part of life. Choosing to procrastinate on something isn’t a habit. It’s when a conscious choice is made consistently to put off doing important things that it becomes an issue. If you relate to these issues, then it might be time to make some changes so you can stop procrastinating today!

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