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Five Ways to Increase Your Credibility at Work

Credibility is an important part of how others view you. In the workplace, having credibility can affect you in a number of ways, including determining whether or not you’re give larger projects that could lead to promotion. Unfortunately, it seems like many people have incorrect or inaccurate views of what credibility actually is, and are therefore unaware of how to improve their own credibility. According to Webster’s dictionary, credibility is “the quality or power of inspiring belief.” It’s your ability to inspire others to believe in you, and your abilities. So how do you increase your credibility?

1. Be Honest

Honesty and integrity are key elements to building your credibility. If you are unsure of your ability to complete a project, be honest about needing help. When someone asks you a question at work, answer them honestly and fairly. Finally, be committed to acting in an ethical way in everything you do. If you want to build credibility with your coworkers and bosses, it’s important that you build your reputation as an honest, ethical person.

2. Be Competent

If you truly want to appear credible at work, know your job inside and out. People trust others who appear to be experts in their field. This means that you need to be committed to learning your job well, and to consistently add to your knowledge. It’s not enough to simply read books; hands-on experience is important for building expertise as well. Whenever new workshops come up that could help build your knowledge base in your field, take advantage of the opportunity. Ask to take part in projects where you can show off your expertise.

3. Be Wise

When it comes to credibility, few things can build it faster than making good decisions. If you want to be viewed as being credible, you need to be able to ask intelligent questions that allow you to analyze a complex situation in order to make a good decision. Being able to see the big picture instead of becoming focused on the smaller details can go a long way toward building your credibility at work. Try to avoid quick judgments – gather all of the information you can about a situation before coming to any conclusions.

4. Be Empathetic (not Arrogant)

For many people, becoming an expert in their field has a tendency to make them arrogant. If you want to be viewed as credible, it’s important to avoid this. In order to build credibility with others, you have to be empathetic to their personal situation. Find out what is important to your coworkers, and take an interest in the things that are important to them, and in their personal situation. Take the time to understand where another person is coming from before you reject their point of view or suggestion. You also need to demonstrate a lack of arrogance by being willing to admit and learn from your mistakes.

5. Be Happy

Let’s face it, no one can be happy all the time. What’s important for your credibility is that you are the type of person who can lift someone else up when they’re having a bad day. Having a consistent attitude of positivity and optimism can help to make you more likeable, which can make you seem more credible to your coworkers. This means being friendly, and trying to find the humor even in the worst situations. Try to view problems as challenges to be overcome, and describe them that way when talking to others. Make an effort to express gratitude toward others both privately and publicly. Whenever possible, do this in writing.

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