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6 Ways You Can Find More Passion In Your Job

Does it feel like your job just drains the life out of you every day? Do you dread getting up in the morning because you absolutely hate going to work? For many, their career takes up about one-third of their life. The negative feelings associated with despising a job and its responsibilities can drain more energy from your soul every day than the work that is being done!

The good news is that you can start getting the passion back for your job starting right now. It all begins with the emphasis that you’re focusing upon. Are you looking at the short-term issues more than the long-term results? What joy can your job give to others? Focus on these positive feelings and you will start to feel a level of passion begin to return.

#1. Take the company mission to heart. Every company has a mission that it wants to achieve, even if it is a fast food restaurant. This mission is important because it is a reflection of the passion that the company wishes to show the public at large. Incorporate this mission and find a way to make it important to your life and needs as well. Providing joy to others is a great way to bring joy into one’s life!

#2. Be productive every day. One of the fastest ways to lose the passion for a job is boredom. When people aren’t challenged to grow and succeed, boredom can set in really fast! Don’t rely on your superiors or co-workers to challenge you. Challenge yourself and make sure you accomplish things every day to achieve at least one of your goals. Success will always give passion a boost!

#3. Set benchmarks for yourself. How can you track your progress if you don’t have any benchmarks or metrics set for yourself? When you set your goals, create plans that will help you see the progress you’re making toward these goals. In doing so, you’ll also create a foundation of passion because you’ll be able to see where you’ve been, where you currently are, and where you plan to be.

#4. Journal everything. Take a notebook with you to work and chart things that bring you joy when you’re at work. It could be the regular jokes of a co-worker, a compliment from a supervisor, or even the amazing hash browns and pepper gravy the cafeteria serves. It’s easy to lose sight of the good things when negative feelings surround us. Chart the good stuff and then look back on it when you feel less than great about waking up on a Monday morning.

#5. Get creative. The biggest negative that many people feel about work is a lack of being creative. Sometimes this lack of creativity feels forced upon people, but that doesn’t have to be accepted. Always be creative, even if someone demands that you are not. Worst case scenario? Your creativity lands you in a better job somewhere else.

#6. Rejoice in the good. It is ultimately about perspective. If we rejoice in the good and simply discard or forgive the bad, then we won’t be worried, anxious, or fearful of what the future can bring. Those are the greatest stresses of all! Simply be content, in this very moment, and you will find your passion back.

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