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6 Tips To Be Happy At Work

It’s easy to follow the negativity at work because misery loves company. If you’re tired of the negative and want to be happy at work, then here are a few ideas that can help you change up your routine, shift your focus, and maybe even help you look forward to going to work in the morning!

#1. Make an effort to smile more. It can’t be one of those fake smiles that shows a lot of teeth, but not a lot of emotion. In making an effort to smile more, you’ll need to look for the good that is around you so that you can see and experience the joy that comes with an authentic smile. That means you’ll also need to focus on rejecting the bad and finding ways to be content in all things.

#2. Push the reset button on your brain now and then. We’ve all had those moments where one thing after another after another after yet another thing all come crashing down in bad ways. The stress builds up in your chest, makes your neck ache, and then the worries begin. Instead of succumbing to the pressure, take a moment and just push the reset button on your brain. It takes just a minute and can be a favorite poem, prayer, or chant. There may be no better way to increase your energy levels immediately!

#3. Don’t talk down to yourself. Nice job, you idiot!” “What were you thinking, you moron?” “What on Earth were you thinking?” Self talk works in good and bad ways depending on what it is that we say to ourselves throughout the day. Many of us use the negative version when we make a mistake, but rarely use the positive version when we do a good job. If you give yourself the credit you deserve, you’ll actually give yourself a measure of mental durability that can prevent you from being overwhelmed in the future.

#4. Take time to celebrate. Make one of your goals in life to learn something meaningful every day. Will learning the Peter Capaldi has always been a lifelong Doctor Who fan change your life? Not necessarily, even if you are a big fan of the show! Will discovering a new way to flag your emails so that you can be more efficient with your time change your life? Possibly.

#5. Be human. It’s fine to be strange. It’s actually part of the human experience! You could choose to be irritated, frustrated, or righteously angry… or you can choose to be bemused by the strange things that people do and realize that you probably look pretty strange to others too. The best part about being human is that our limitations are the strengths that others have and by finding creative ways to work together, we can all be stronger and happier for it.

#6. Use the manners that Mom taught. There are a lot of people who do a lot of thankless jobs every day. It’s not fun to clean vomit from a toilet seat or craw through a dusty HVAC system to restore a building’s air conditioning. How about those customer service agents who get belittled by angry customers every single day? Get into the habit of saying “Thank you,” whenever you see a job well done and not only can you change their day for it, you can make your own day a lot happier as well.

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