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Does Your Boss Hate You? Here’s 7 Ways You Can Change That!

Working for a tough boss is one thing, but working for a boss that seems to hate you is a whole different set of problems! It creates tension at work, keeps you thinking about work problems when you’re at home, and ultimately affects the quality of your work. Here’s the good news: you can turn that frown on your boss’s face upside down! Here are 7 ways you can make that happen.

Make Your Word Your Bond

1) When you do what you say you’re going to do, then you create a level of trust that surrounds you. This aura of trust, if you will, is something that doesn’t go away – unless you break your word. The more trust that you can build up when you make your word your bond, the better off your experiences will be with your boss and the less hate will be involved.

Stop Making Excuses

2) Mistakes are going to happen because they are simply part of human nature. A boss hates mistakes, but bosses hate excuses for mistakes even more. Instead of trying to come up with a convincing lie, just be honest. If you’re late because you overslept, say so. If you made an error, apologize and fix the problem. Once you do, make efforts to prevent the issue from happening again.

Stop the Complaints

3) Misery loves company more than a dog loves free sausages. It’s easy to complain about a difficult situation, but you’ll show true leadership skills if you can make requests that will resolve the issues at hand. Putting in a request to get new pencils helps everyone a lot more than complaining about an ineffective boss who forgot to order pencils on the last supply run.

Be Solution Orientated

4) Sometimes you’ve got to take the initiative and just come up with a solution to a problem on your own. Who cares if it isn’t within your job responsibility? Unless you’re a sole proprietor, you’re working with a team of people. When they benefit, you benefit. If they fail, you fail. Find solutions to the issues at hand, share them with your boss, or even implement them on your own if time is an issue. Your boss will love you for it.

Be Willing To Grow

5) If there’s one thing that a boss hates above anything else, it’s an employee that just sits in their chair every day without caring about anything else. You don’t need to be ambitious and try to climb the corporate ladder. You do, however, need to take care of yourself, manage your growth, and follow your dreams and goals. It’s not your boss that needs to get your scheduled into new opportunities or training classes – it’s you!

Find a Way To Be a Team Player

6) A boss is stuck in a position where they must be a team player, no matter what their personal feelings happen to be. Complaining about corporate policy is just going to frustrate your boss even more, especially since they probably agree with you! Stay out of the gossip and just be upfront about your concerns. If your boss can do something about it, then they will. If not, then those in the drama mill will be hated more than you.

Be Proactive About Your Job

7) Most bosses feel like they need to micromanage because jobs just don’t get done on time or with a good quality. If you can be reliable with your job performance, it’ll make the life of your boss easier. Support their success and you’ll have your success supported too! You might even find that some of the drudge work you’ve been doing will get delegated to others.

Why is it important to have a beneficial relationship with your boss? Because one day you might find yourself in a similar leadership position. You’ll want a little help here and there, which means being proactive about providing help can stop hatred before it ever starts.

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