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Do You Apply For Jobs Even If You’re Not 100% Qualified?

It has been said that men are from one planet and women are from another. From a career standpoint, it might be more accurate to say that men will apply for just about any job where they meet some of the qualifications, but women will only apply for jobs where they feel like they’re 100% qualified. It’s something that is often quoted when giving women career advice and is usually the foundation of a criticism: women should be more confident!

Women don’t take this attitude because they are lacking in confidence. They are instead applying for the job because they are confident that they’ll get the job! It’s all about time conservation, not a lack of self-esteem. Why waste time applying for a job that the odds say you’re not going to get?

How Can Women Improve Their Chances To Get Hired?

Many people apply for a job simply because they feel like they can do the job based on the advertised job description. There are a number of qualifications listed in this description, including educational degrees, job experience, and even leadership experience. Here’s a harsh reality: these screening tools aren’t always in place to invite applications.

This affects women more than men because more than 1 in 4 women admit that they don’t want to waste their time applying for a job just to be told that they don’t meet the qualifications! Women more than men feel like the workplace follows certain rules and these rules guide the hiring process, how a career can develop, and even how much money can be earned.

Many employers, however, don’t follow these rules. Most employers make up their own rules.

Are You Ready To Start Playing the Employer’s Game?

If you’ve ever had to sit in a waiting room for 20 minutes after your interview was scheduled, then you’ve already started playing the employer’s game. The hiring process is a game for most employers and it is designed to help weed out people who might not be around in a year or two. Today’s employer wants someone dedicated, loyal, and willing to work for less than someone else if they’ve got the right skill level.

This can work to your advantage, no matter what gender you happen to be! It’s all about finding the right combination of compensation and skill for the longest period of time. If you’re willing to play the employer’s game, then you can win if you’re willing to take a calculated risk here or there. Could you do that job if you don’t have a degree? Do you have the job experience needed and the proven leadership skills, but in a different field? Then apply for the job and you might just get it!

Confidence is often considered the key to a successful job application, but self-esteem plays just a small role. Your ability to recognize what an employer wants and then be able to communicate that you can provide this need in the most affordable way is what will help you land that dream job.

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