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Are Your Habits Leading You To Make Bad Decisions?

Does it always seem like certain people get to taste success, but you never do? Would you love to know what the secrets of these successful people are so you can get similar results? Believe it or not, it is the habits of an individual that will lead them toward consistently good or consistently bad decisions. If the following habits are part of your overall routine, then you could be setting yourself up for failure before a task even begins.

#1. Being Lazy

Laziness is the #1 destructive habit there is. A lack of desire to do the simple things can mean facts don’t get double-checked or standards won’t be maintained. There is no initiative to do something more or even provide additional input that may be necessary. Laziness isn’t procrastination. It is a complete unwillingness to get something done.

#2. Being Caught By Surprise

Unexpected events happen all of the time, but certain people always seemed to be surprised by them. The worst case scenario isn’t always going to happen, so assuming that it can be destructive. Not planning for difficult situations, however, can quickly lead to failure. Do you have a life insurance policy that can help to protect your loved ones? Is there a backup plan in place in case your new investments tank?

#3. Being Indecisive

The worst decision that someone can make is to not actually make a decision. You don’t want to make assumptions and decide on something before you get all of the facts, but you do sometimes need to make quick decisions. Being indecisive means that someone is worried about the consequences of a decision and that ultimately means there is a fear of risk.

#4. Being Stuck In the Past

Were the 4 years of high school pretty great for you? Have you always done something a certain way at work and now you can’t do things that way? Being stuck in the past means you’re looking at memories instead of potential success. Memories are a good thing if they keep us out of repetitive mistakes or provide a pleasant interlude for a daydreaming break during the creative process. Being stubborn about change because you like the old ways or just want to stay in the fond memories of yesteryear? That will lead to destruction.

#5. Being Isolated

Leadership is a naturally lonely position, but it isn’t an isolated position. Leaders are lonely because they have to be the one to make the choices. They aren’t isolated, however, because they solicit different points of view so that the best decision can be made. If you don’t let anyone in, then you’ll never benefit from their experience!

#6. There Is No Skill Development

The worst habit of all is to pretend you can so something when you just don’t have the technical skills to do so. Sometimes you can fake it by spending some time going through YouTube videos or reading websites, but eventually you’re pretending will get found out. Develop real skills and you’ll be able to develop real success.

Don’t let your bad habits keep you back from the success that wants to come your way. Avoid these bad habits and you’ll have the secret to success that you can share with others in the future!

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