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5 Proven Methods To Conquer Stress Proactively

Stress happens in some form every day. It might be in the form of a relationship that needs to be repaired, a micro-managing supervisor, or an overdue project that you’re not sure you can complete. When stress happens, the mind tries to shut down. If you can handle stress when you’re in that moment, then you can overcome it and do amazing things!

 #1. Take 3 deep breaths when you feel stress attack. One of the problems of stress is that it creates a lot of tension. Instead of investing in aspirin or pain relief creams, try taking 3 deep breaths as soon as you feel the tension of stress hit you. These deep breaths can often alleviate the tension and reduce the impact that stress tries to make on your life. If your neck or shoulders feel tight, try moving them about just a bit.

#2. Find a friendly ear that you trust. One of the most effective methods of coping with stress is to verbalize your feelings. If you can find someone who will be willing to listen to you vent and not take the words that you are saying personally, then you’ll have an ally that can help you handle stress more effectively. It often takes just a few minutes of turning stressful thoughts into words to eliminate the tension that sets in. If you can’t talk it out, then try writing it out as a method of expression instead.

#3. Give yourself some positive feedback. “Stop being so stupid.” “Why did you decide to do that in the first place?” “You’re being ridiculous right now.” These are common phrases that people tell themselves when they are stressed out. It’s a form of venting, most certainly, but it also increases the level of stress that someone feels. Negative self-talk always lowers confidence and self-esteem, which then creates the conditions for more stress. Give yourself some positive feedback instead, like “You’ve got this” or “Let’s calm down for a minute and then get back to work.”

#4. Maybe you’re not actually feeling stress. The anticipation of a big project or a lot of work actually kicks the body’s adrenal glands into high gear. You might be feeling agitated and crazy, but that could be because your body has flooded your system with a high level of adrenaline. Instead of focusing on the feelings, focus on what you can do with the increased energy levels. There’s a good chance that you can funnel your agitation into huge productivity.

#5. List it out. Making a list of the things you need to do can help you better organize your day and relieve the stress that comes with uncertainty. A simple task-orientated list where you prioritize what needs to be accomplished is often good enough to eliminate the tension that tries to bog you down. Listing out the chores for the day also tends to help people accomplish more throughout the day.

Are you proactively managing your stress? These 5 proven methods will help you conquer stress before it conquers you. Implement them today and you will be amazed at how productive you can be!

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