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Being Happier At Work: 5 Proven Methods for Success

The average person spends just as much time at work as they do sleeping at night. It isn’t uncommon for work to be the dominating factor in one’s life, even eclipsing time that is spent with friends or family. That fact alone can be depressing, but it doesn’t have to make you a miserable employee. Sometimes a few simple changes can bring an added level of contentment at work. After all, happiness is a choice that you can make.

Here are 5 proven methods for successfully choosing more happiness every day.

#1. Give yourself a taste of the outdoors. You don’t need to have a window office to feel like you’re in touch with nature. A little extra greenery in your work space can transform your daily attitude in remarkable ways. Not only do office plants give a slight improvement to the air in an office space, but the greenery provides a calming influence on the mind that lends to longer periods of focused concentration.

#2. Stop multitasking. There are some tangible gains to feeling important at work. It fills the chest with pride to know that you’re important enough to be incredibly busy. Those gains don’t feel so important when you’re bogged down with work, can’t focus, and seem distracted all the time.

#3. Have a friend somewhere close. People who are able to work with people whom they consider their friends are more productive during the day AND are happier at work. Not only does communication improve when people think of themselves as friends, but feedback is more honest and there isn’t as much of the solo competitiveness that can quickly derail a team. Here’s another reason to find a friend: people who have chronic loneliness have a 45% increased risk of experiencing a premature death.

#4. Take a chance. Taking risks at work might seem like self-sabotage, but being in a boring rut can actually lead to higher levels of discontent. Taking risks mean planning strategies, engaging new people, and sometimes risking it all on a single idea. Nothing gets the flow of adrenaline pumping more than that. When people are engaged in all of that, more happiness tends to come around because you will feel like you’re useful and contributing to a good cause.

#5. Allow yourself to fail. It can be difficult to fail at a task, but forgiving yourself and learning from the mistakes that led to failure will lead to more overall happiness. Without forgiveness, people tend to live in a world that is filled with anxiety. It can even lead to panic attacks if it persists for long enough. Happiness comes when control of a life is grasped. That’s what forgiving yourself will allow you to do.

Being happier at work may take a few changes, but the effort to change is definitely worthwhile. By following these ideas, you can shape your working environment to be a place where happiness instead of misery can be found every day.

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