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The 7 Habits of Highly Creative People

Are you struggling to find your creativity? Maybe you feel like life has hit a rut and you can’t get out of it? The 7 habits of highly creative people are the best way to make the changes in life that are necessary to find inspiration again. Incorporate these habits into your life and you will be amazed at how easy it can be to tap into your creative centers.

#1. Pursue meaningful things. Take a moment and think about the meaning behind the actions you’re about to take. Is the course you’re about to chart going to be meaningful to you in some way? People stay creative by pursuing things that are meaningful to them. If you love what you do, then you’ll want to do more.

#2. Create a routine to center yourself. Start a routine that prepares your mind for creativity. Make sure that your day is structured so that you’re always triggered to find more creativity on a consistent basis. If you have unexpected events happen to you, that’s fine – just find a trigger that will help you get back to that routine so you can get centered.

#3. Use your imagination. Creativity is a skill that must be practiced. Make sure that you have some downtime every day and use it to daydream. Creating a fantasy world requires creativity and this practice will inspire real-life creativity when your downtime is over. Keep a journal close in case you get an inspired idea while daydreaming so you don’t forget it.

#4. Do something new every day. Being in a routine is good, but being in the same routine is bad. You need new experiences in order to inspire new levels of creativity. For that reason, it is important to schedule in new experiences every day as part of your daily routine. Whether you choose a different restaurant, a new park to visit, or even new music to enjoy during the day, anything new can be a trigger for something great.

#5. Observe. One of the greatest ways that humans learn is by watching others. Observe how creative people trigger creativity and stay focused and then incorporate the best of what you see into what you do.

#6. Trust your gut. Your intuition gives your advice that you need every day. The only problem is that the average person doesn’t trust there gut instinct. The logical mind overrides the intuition and then creativity disappears. Being creative means learning to trust yourself in every way.

#7. Give yourself plenty of time. If something in your life feels broken, then don’t expect an immediate fix. It takes time for things to wear out and break down. It also takes time to get things fixed. Use the difficult experiences of life as fuel for your creative output. Anger, grief, and sorrow not only inspire creativity, but truly experiencing these difficult emotions can help people cope with them and experience contentment in the near future.

Highly creative people don’t look backwards. They keep moving forward because there are new experiences behind every door. Find the experiences that are awaiting you today by incorporating these 7 unique habits.

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