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5 Ways You Can Supercharge Your Productivity

Have you ever noticed that some people always seem to have enough time to get everything done? How can they get 30 hours of work to fit into a 24 hour day? Even when they’re switching between multiple tasks, they don’t lose a step in their productivity. Here are the 5 ways you can supercharge your productivity so that you can have a similar experience.

#1. See it now, do it now.

People who are very productive don’t address the same issues on multiple occasions. If they open up an email, then they respond to that email immediately. If a phone message comes in, they take care of the issue right away. When anything is stored to be completed later, that means you’ve got to handle that problem at least twice. Handling anything more than once is one of the easiest ways to waste time during the day.

#2. They get ready before it’s time to get ready.

Those last 20 minutes of any working day tend to be spent talking with others, sitting back to relax in the office chair, or in other unproductive ways. Those who have supercharged productivity tend to prepare for their next working day at the end of the current day. That allows them to come into work in the morning and get started right away instead of taking 20 minutes to prepare their day.

#3. The hardest stuff gets completed first.

We all have certain tasks that we don’t like to do. For some it’s answer emails. For others it might be writing emails. There are always certain co-workers, clients, or supervisors that we avoid at all costs. The folks who are supercharged will complete the hardest tasks they need to do over the course of any given day first before anything else. By getting rid of the bad stuff first, the rest of the day can be dedicated to things that are fun and exciting. That helps them to become even more productive because they like what they do.

#4. There is a recognition of what is truly urgent.

There are some emergency situations that require an urgent response. Then there are situations that might seem like an emergency on the surface, but it is something that in reality that could wait 24-48 hours. People who have supercharged their productivity have learned to recognize the difference between something that has to be done immediately and something that can wait. The issue with these urgent tasks is that they never seem to go away, so all of your attention winds up going to them in time.  When push comes to shove, the most productive people have also learned that delegation can be their best friend.

#5. They stick to the schedule.

Meetings are notoriously bad for going off-schedule. Sometimes the urge to take a longer lunch kicks in. There’s the roving co-worker who always seems to be drinking coffee and talking to others. Supercharged productivity requires strict schedule adherence for it to work. By staying on task, what you’re really doing is setting limits as to what you’ll accept or not accept when it comes to interference. Maybe you can take a longer lunch because you’re ahead of schedule… or maybe you can tell that roving co-worker to leave you alone because you’ve got a tight deadline to meet.

Supercharging your productivity starts with a commitment to limit procrastination. Deciding not to do something will always cost you time. By implementing these 5 ideas, however, you can get a remarkable amount of work done every day.

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