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6 Positivity Shifts You Can Do Right Now

Ever find yourself stuck in a negative rut mentally? It happens to the best of us. Even when we’re trying to be happy, we find ourselves feeling discouraged, saddened, or disappointed. Here’s some good news: with a simple positivity shift, we can turn that darkness into light quickly. Then we can choose to leave that light on. Here are 6 simple ways to shift from a negative perspective to a positive one.

#1. Switch off over-thinking mode. Pondering thoughts is a good thing. Pondering negative thoughts continuously can lead to a deeper negative mindset. Instead of trying to look at the “bright side” of things, consider taking a few minutes to explore meditation. This can help take your mind off of the negative thought, clear your head, and begin to relax.

#2. Every opportunity is a chance to become stronger. What doesn’t kill you doesn’t always make you stronger, but it can if you choose to focus those energies on your mental strength. Not every situation is fair. Not every outcome is beneficial. Yet even in those darkest of moments, there is always something to learn. By focusing on the learning moments, there is always a chance to grow stronger.

#3. Create lists. Work can be stressful. Chores at home can be stressful. Even the daily commute between work and home can be stressful. Here’s an easy way to stop dealing with all that stress: create a list. It can even just be a mental list. When we check off things that have been accomplished throughout the day, we’re focusing on what has been done instead of what needs to be done and that turns off the negativity.

#4. You can take a step backward. People today are polarized, sensitive, and aggressive. Disagreement sometimes equates to hate. A different opinion leads to a negative grumpiness like never before. If your friends or just the world at large is dragging you down, then take a moment to step away from the negativity. You are in control. Don’t let others dictate your mood.

#5. Find the contentment in life. There will be struggles every day. Sometimes those struggles are big and they create a lot of fatigue. When you’re at your most tired of moments, that’s when negativity tends to strike. Shift toward positivity by focusing on those perfect little moments that life provides. A few quite moments with a good book, playing games with the kids, or having some tea on your porch can all help to stop the push toward negativity.

#6. There’s always a new chance. Being tired and sick can make it seem like the whole world is against you. It’s easy to feel sorry for ourselves when we don’t feel good. Instead of focusing on this icky feeling, focus on the fact that you’re alive, breathing, and have a hope to feel better soon.

Being thankful and looking for positive moments can help to force negativity out of the mind. Use these simple positivity shifts to shine some light on your personal darkness and the negativity will begin to melt away.

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