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5 Ways You Know It’s Time To Find a New Job

More than half of the current workforce are passive job seekers. It means that although there aren’t active efforts to find a new job, these folks are going to consider a reasonable offer that comes their way. Another 25% of people are active job seekers while being currently employed. Only 15-25% of the current job force isn’t considering a change right now when it comes to their employment.

Yet it might be time to start looking for a new job. Have you noticed any of these 5 specific indicators that let you know it might be time to go?

#1. There is no opportunity to expand your learning. A job shouldn’t be a dead-end experience. It should be exciting because there is something new to learn every day. If you are feeling like your creativity is being suppressed and you aren’t encouraged to look at new ideas, then a new job can help to restore that love of learning that you may have lost.

#2. You never perform at your highest potential. There are two ways to underperform. You either aren’t experienced enough to get the job done quickly enough or you purposely slow yourself down so that your output meets expectations. If you can fulfill your job expectations in a couple of hours, but it takes the rest of the team a full 8 hours to do the same thing, then you won’t be happy or engaged with your team. It’s time to find a job that challenges you instead.

#3. You don’t feel valued. If you can complete a job in 2 hours and get told to stay busy even though other workers can’t get the job done in 8 hours, then there’s a good chance you’ll feel undervalued. Maybe your contributions are part of the foundation of success the company experiences, yet you don’t even get half a “thank you” in return. If you don’t feel valued, then you aren’t valued. If you’re a leader who doesn’t feel valued, then that negativity filters down to the team. It’s time to find a job where you will be valued.

#4. You’re in it for the cash. Working to meet financial needs is important, but it shouldn’t be the only reason why you’re currently employed. There should be a certain joy in being able to get a job completed. You should be curious every day, challenged every day, and engaged in what you do. If you get up to go to work because all you want is a paycheck, then just about any job you take is going to eventually seem pointless. Find a job that you have a passion about, even if that means changing your career path.

#5. You hate your boss more than the average person. Just about everyone hates their boss at some point in time. If you constantly hate your boss, however, and you dread going to work because you don’t want to interact with that individual, then it’s time to transfer or find a new place to work. 3 out of 4 working professionals say that the most stressful component of their job is the interactions they have with their boss.

Jobs that aren’t stimulating or cause emotional stress are jobs that could eventually be harmful to your health. If you’re

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