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7 Proven Methods to Get Someone’s Attention

If people don’t know who you are or what you do, then there’s no way to advance in the business world today. You don’t get promotions by being the faithful person in the background who quietly goes about their business. Sometimes you’ve got to purposely get someone’s attention. Here’s how you can do it.

#1. Create an automatic trigger. Certain things automatically grab someone’s attention. It might be a loud noise, the smell of someone grilling, or the confidence to wear a red business suit. If you want people to pay attention to you, then you’ve got to make some noise. Instead of randomly yelling at work, however, try giving someone an interesting book that you like.

#2. Frame your message. Our individualized experiences mean that we all see and hear things a little differently. Instead of framing your message based on what you’d want to hear, learn how the person who needs to notice you communicates. Frame your message for that communication style and you’ll definitely get noticed.

#3. Be disruptive… but in a good way. Why do so many people leave negative online reviews, but rarely leave positive ones? It is because their experience was disrupted. We notice disruption. We pay more attention to the things that disrupt us the most. How can you do this at work in a positive way? Beat a deadline by a massive amount of time. Come under your budget by a huge amount. Ask unexpected questions.

#4. Provide a reward. All of us are reward-based in some way. We all work toward individual rewards, whether that is money to spend with our families or the reward of being noticed for a job well done. Sometimes a huge reward that you fund can get yourself noticed right away. Visual incentives are often great rewards because people can see themselves experiencing the reward, thus noticing you in the process.

#5. Know your reputation. Sometimes the reason why people go unnoticed is because they’ve developed a reputation of being unnoticed. People may not be approaching you because you give off a vibe that you don’t want to be approached. Change the vibe and you’ll get someone’s attention.

#6. Be mysterious. If people know what to expect from you, then the only way to get noticed is if you fall outside of those expectations. That’s another reason why negative impressions are often those that are documented. If a janitor fails to clean a toilet, it’s going to generate a complaint, right? If it is clean, then that’s their job and it was expected. To change this, you’ve got to be mysterious. This means creating uncertainty, but in a positive way.

#7. Acknowledge the good work of others first. If you notice people first for what they’re doing, there’s a good chance that others will do the same thing in return. It’s the art of reciprocity. People feel guilty if they’ve been noticed by someone, but haven’t been noticing that person in return.

It does take work to get someone’s attention, but it is an effort that is often worthwhile. Once that attention comes your way, then you’ve got a chance to begin crafting your own success. Focus on these 7 proven points and you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

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